Thursday, June 1, 2023

Abdullah Qureshi Apologizes For Texting Random Girls

Abdullah Qureshi took to Instagram stories to share a public apology for what appeared to be his acceptance of problematic behavior in the past, made public from an Instagram account.

Qureshi apologized to everyone he has hurt or harmed in any manner and requested that all references to ‘this’ be removed because it has harmed his career and is likely to harm his daughter.

He stated: “I apologize to everyone for all this. I won’t blame my drunken state because it was me at the end of the day. But yes, I did have a drinking problem and I do have fetishes. But everyone has fetishes.”

Qureshi went on to say that he had discussed everything with his wife a year ago and that the issue had been resolved between them.

However, things took a turn when an Instagram account uploaded screenshots of a woman calling Qureshi’s apology “performative” an hour after he apologized on social media.

According to her, Qureshi messaged her “barely 18-year-old sister” just a week ago. She also shared screenshots of the chat, stating how the singer’s apology is not more than a stunt.

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