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List of All Amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan

Here’s a summary/ list of all amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan (as governed by Article 238 & 239), along with their dates.

List of All Amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan

No. Year Amendment
1 1974 Redefine boundaries
2 1974 Ahmadis to be non-Muslims
3 1975 Extend the period of preventive detention (from 1 month to 3 months)
4 1975 Additional seats for minorities in NA, deprived courts the power to grant bail in preventive detention
5 1976 Widen restrictions on High Courts, such as can’t issue an order to prohibit the filing of FIR, etc.
6 1976 CJ of SC to retire at 65, and HC judges at 62
7 1977 Prime Minister can obtain vote of confidence
8 1985 Parliamentary to Semi-presidential, 58(2)(b) inserted, Non-party based elections, FSC, Shariat Apellate Board, Senate seats extended
9 1985 Shariah law as the supreme law of land (didn’t pass in both houses)
10 1987 National Assembly sessions to convene within 130 days, instead of 160 days
11 1989 Number of reserved seats for women in NA/PA assemblies (didn’t pass in both houses)
12 1991 Speedy trial courts for 3 years
13 1997 58(2)(b) stripped
14 1997 Party leaders can dismiss any legislator if they spoke or voted against their party (to stop horse trading and strengthen PM)
15 1998 Shariah law as the supreme law of land (didn’t pass in both houses)
16 1999 Increased term of quota system as per 1973 Constitution from 20 to 40 years
17 2003 58(2)(b) re-inserted + semi-Presidential system
18 2010 58(2)(b) re-stripped + SJC to appoint judges
19 2010 Provided for appointment of SC Judges (by SJC not CJP), change the number of members of the parliamentary committee for the appointment of Chief Electoral Officers at ECP (passed by NA on 8th Apr 2018)
20 2012 Free and fair elections (caretaker set-up & CEC office), 8-member committee at both center and province to nominate caretaker set up (Half from Govt + Half from Opposition)
21 2015 Speedy military trial courts for 2 years
22 2016 Amend the procedure for appointment, qualifications and other prerequisites for CEC and four members of ECP (now non-judges can be CEC and members of ECP)
23 2017 Re-establish the military courts for further two years
24 2017 Reallocation of NA seats among federating units, Punjab lost 8 seats in NA, 4 of which went to KPK, 4 to Baluchistan, update boundaries of constituencies based on 2017 Census
25 2018 Merges FATA with KP, FATA seats in NA reduced from 12 to 6 (342 to 336) and Senate (104 to 96) (passed on 31st May 2018)
26 2019 Readjusting seats in NA, FATA seats in NA will be retained at 12, while their seats in KPK assembly have been increased to 24 from 16

List of All Amendments to the Constitution of Pakistan/ summary along with dates

Read full Constitution text here.

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