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Why Is Chess Called The Game Of Kings?

If anybody wants to experience art, science, and mathematics simultaneously, they should consider learning Chess – the royal game. The beauty of this game – which it has proudly held ever since its invention 2,000 years ago – is unfaded, and is enough for millions of people to ‘waste’ their lives on it.

Chess is more than just a game – it’s a war over the board, with the object being crushing the opponent’s mind with the ultimate sharpness of your calculations, patience, and psychology.

Imagine two human beings sitting in front of each other on a common chessboard, with their pieces (King, Queen, Rooks, Bishops, Knights, and Pawns) being the characters of their royal armies – with endless possibilities to bring each other down.

We are talking 318,979,564,000 possible options here for just the first four moves and 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 (169 octillion or 169×1027 possible options for the first ten moves.

Just imagine this mindboggling number of possible attacks that you can throw at your opponent and you’d know how imaginative, spiritual and scientific it can be to move the pieces (your soldiers) around this real-life war pitch – and that, too, in a definite length of time, since time is precious, predefined, and has the power to tip the scale in favor of any of the two opponents.

chess pieces on chess board
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“Never announce your move before you make them”, a critical rule of chess perfectly implies to real life as actions determine the height of the success.

Though chess, in appearance, looks like a dry game, if one can assess the depth and width of the players’ attention and what is going inside them – we’re talking about heartbeat not less than 140 beats per minute, combined with shivering hands and red faces – they can realize how it’s nothing less than the hardcore games, the likes of wrestling, boxing, and weight lifting.

The only difference is that moves made by the player in this game are the punches on the brain of their opponent. The only way to survive is to defeat your opponent, even if it means sacrificing one or more of your own soldiers. That’s why it’s called the Game of Kings – a game that was invented, played, advanced, and cherished by royals around the world.

Over the period of time, Chess has evolved and introduced new formats with respect to the time and the position of pieces. For instance, Chess 360 was introduced by United States GM Bobby Fisher (former world champion, 1972). Though the game is not dry at all, few formats are time taking, so can be a bit of a drag for non-classic players.

chess piece set on board
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The essence of the game is to provide ultimate amusement while also training the mates in unique ways, enabling them to experience innumerable perspectives on life. People, who use to play chess, have discovered a new meaning in life and are living happily with their newfound outlook.

Beyond the game, Chess teaches you decision making, time management, critical analysis, imagination, psychology, art to strike back, and deep neural perception management. Your brain is going to subconsciously train as you play Chess, even when you don’t pay attention to it – it happens quietly, without you even knowing.

And “with the King and the Pawn going into the same box” – as the famous Italian proverb entails – this perfect game ends perfectly, after having taught you all the valuable lessons you need to succeed in life!


Hassan Azeem

The author is a public servant, currently serving as Assistant Director at Planning & Development Board, Govt. of the Punjab. When not dispensing his official duties, he loves playing, reading, and writing about Chess.

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