Saturday, February 4, 2023

‘Cloudburst’ Causes Unprecedented Flooding In Twin Cities

On Wednesday, rains that began a day earlier swamped multiple highways and low-lying regions across Islamabad and Rawalpindi, resulting in an emergency situation for the residents of twin cities.

Shocking footage revealed the extent of flooding in Islamabad, where numerous cars were washed away by the powerful torrents in the city’s E-11 sector.

Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat declared in a tweet that the flooding was the result of a cloudburst and that the administration was working to clear roads immediately.

Severe rains also caused flooding in Nullah Leh, Rawalpindi.

The floodwaters in Katarian surged above the 21-foot mark, causing the water to enter Javed Colony and Aria Society. Sirens were sounded in the adjacent areas to alert residents to the emergency.

According to the DC Islamabad, the spillways of Rawal Dam will be reopened once the drainages have been cleared of water. Later, he tweeted that all roads in Islamabad were cleared for traffic.

The district administration stated that the Korang Bridge, Bani Gala, and Prime Minister Imran Khan’s route were also cleared and rainwater drainage across the federal capital was at normal levels.

Rawalpindi district administration, on Monday, had issued a flood warning for Nullah Leh, Sawan River, and 10 other major rain drains flowing throughout the city. Concerned agencies were ordered to remain alert until Friday.

At least, 10 flood relief camps were put up in all low-lying regions across the city as preparation for the new monsoon rains began.

It was also declared that in case of flooding and displacement caused by a cloudburst, the Department of Revenue will supply food to the affected population three times a day. 

The affected citizens would be given temporary shelters and the Punjab health department would be responsible for providing them with medical facilities. 

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