Sunday, February 5, 2023

E-Bikes in Pakistan – Summary

Here are prices of 3 major brands:


E-Bike Price
Jolta eBike JE-70D Rs. 1,12,000
Jolta eBike JE-70D SE Rs. 1,19,000
Jolta eBike JE-70L Rs. 1,68,000
Jolta eBike JE-100L Rs. 1,88,000
Jolta JE-Scooty Rs. 1,25,000
Jolta JE-Cycle Rs. 42,500


EBike Price
Vlektra Retro Rs 2,49,000
Vlektra Retro 1969 Rs 3,99,000
Vlektra Bolt Rs 3,99,000


E Bike Price
MS E-Scooter Rs 1,29,900
MS Jaguar E-70 Rs 1,63,900
MS Jaguar E-125 Rs 2,34,900
MS E-Heavy Bike Rs 2,59,900

You can also e-bike conversion kits or can buy ebikes from Amazon, however, the shipping cost and taxation may make the price a bit too steep for consumers in Pakistan.


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