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Is the Honda City New Model Really Worth 2.7 MILLION for the Base Trim?

Honda City new 2022 model is finally out!

No doubt, City has always been one of the most loved cars in Pakistan. The last generation of the City came out in 2009 and there were no significant changes till now.

Recently, Honda has released the 6th generation of the City and it has been a success for them.

Even though the world has already got the seventh generation of the car, Pakistanis can’t thank Honda enough for their generous act of offering the sixth.

However, luckily, this generation is a completely new one and not just a facelift.

There are five variants of the car that Honda is offering right now. The immense popularity of the model can be judged by the fact that 12,000 new units have already been booked.

Honda City New 2022 Model
Photo Credit: Honda Atlas

Honda City New 2022 Model Variants

Honda has discontinued the 1.3L engine and you can now have the City with a 1.2L or 1.5L motor. Both are naturally aspirated inline-4 engines with the smaller one making 88hp and the bigger one just north of 120.

You can buy this car in one of the five following variants:

  • 1.2L with manual transmission for Rs. 2.729 million
  • 1.2L with continuously varying transmission (CVT) for Rs. 2.949 million
  • 1.5L with CVT for Rs. 3.069 million
  • 1.5L Aspire with manual transmission for Rs. 3.199 million
  • 1.5L Aspire with CVT for Rs. 3.369 million.

So what are the changes in the new Honda City as compared to the last generation?

What Has Changed In Honda City New 2022 Model?

The exterior and Interior of the City have been changed completely. It is almost as significant as the one seen in the 9th and 10th generation Civic.

The Exterior

The front of the new City now has the looks of the Civic X. It has the same Chrome accents on the front. The headlamps are still multi-reflector halogen beams but you do get day time running lights (DRLs) in the front.

The sides of the car also have new cuts and curves to give it a modern look and improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the car.

In the rear you can see the taillights which have design hints from Honda Grace.

The Interior

The interior of the City is also a completely new one. You can feel that the car has more head and legroom. The dashboard no longer has the cheap-looking plastic as that is replaced by the piano black trim.

To enhance the safety of the car,  Honda has finally included driver and front passenger airbags on all five variants of the City.’

Good news for the ones traveling in the rear seat of the new City is that the car now has climate control vents for the rear seat, installed in the center console of the front seats.


Many of the features that were priorly available only in the Civic are now a part of the new City. These include:

  • Multimedia steering wheel.
  • Cruise Control.
  • Automatic climate control.
  • Brake Override Warning System.
  • ISO Fix anchors for installing car seats.


If you want a compact sedan in Pakistan that is reliable, the City is one of the best options. It did lack some features in the last generation but the new one does have all the bells and whistles.

However, the starting price of more than 2.7 million rupees is a bit of a bad thing for the Honda City new model.


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