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List of the First Things of Pakistan

Here’s a complete list of all the first things of Pakistan (first museum, bank, barrage, newspaper, airline, and more).

List of the First Things of Pakistan

  • First Museum: Karachi in 1950
  • First Bank: UBL
  • First Woman Bank: 1989
  • First Radio Station: Karachi
  • First TV Station: Lahore on 26th Nov 1964
  • First Space satellite: 1990
  • First Private TV channel STN: 1990
  • First Barrage: Sukkur
  • First Woman Uni: Rawalpindi
  • First Embassy: Iran
  • First Newspaper/ Daily: Amroz (1947)
  • First Newspaper of Urdu language? Jame-Jahan Numma
  • First National Anthem played: 14th August 1954
  • First General elections: 1970 (under LFO)
  • First Uranium processing plant: Lucki Murwat
  • First opposition party: Jinnah Awami league (Abdul Hameed Bhashwani in 1950)
  • First Airline: Orient Airline.
  • First Missile: Hatf-I
  • First Barani University: Rawalpindi
  • First Provincial elections: 1951
  • First Dry Port: Lahore in 1974
  • First Agriculture University? Faisalabad
  • First Cantonment: Kohat
  • First State to join Pakistan: Bahawalpur
  • First SOS village: Lahore in 1977
  • First Bio-gas plant: Karachi in 1974
  • First Private airline: Hajveri Airline
  • First News agency: Associated Press of Pakistan (APP)
  • First Geo-scientific laboratory: Islamabad


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