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List of Famous Glaciers of Pakistan

Here’s a list of all famous and important glaciers of Pakistan, including the names, length, and location of Siachen, Biafo, Baltoro, Batura, Hispar, and Godwin Austin glacier – all of which are the largest and longest glaciers in not just Pakistan but in the world.

List of All Famous Glaciers of Pakistan

There are a total of 7253 glaciers in Pakistan. Total area of all the these glaciers in Pakistan is about 13680 sq km. It is around 13% of total area of mountainous regions in Pakistan. All of our glaciers are extremely important for our water security.

The most important and famous glaciers of Pakistan are in Karakoram Mountain Range. They are also among the largest and longest glaciers of the world. Their names are as follows:

  • Siachin – 76 km long near Astore, GB
  • Biafo – 67 km long in Shigar, GB
  • Baltoro – 63km long in Shigar, GB
  • Batura – 57 km long in Hunza, GB
  • Hispar – 49 km long in Hunza, GB
  • Chogo Lugma – 50 km long in Shigar, GB
  • Godwin-Austen

Siachin Glacier


  • Length of Siachin glacier is 76 km (47 miles). It’s the largest/ longest glacier of Pakistan and second longest of the world after Tajikistan’s 77 km long Fedchenko Glacier.


  • Siachen is the highest glacier of Pakistan. It’s also the highest battlefield in world at up to 19,000 feet high.


  • It’s located between Karakoram Range to the east and Saltoro Ridge to the west near Astore, GB, northeast of the point NJ9842 where LoC between Pakistan and India ends.


  • It feeds Indus river via Nubra and Shyok rivers and passes near the KKH. Pakistan controls west of the Saltoro Ridge.
Siachen Glacier: Famous glaciers of Pakistan
Location of Siachen Glacier

Godwin-Austen Glacier

The Godwin-Austen glacier is near K2 in GB. It joins with Baltoro to form Concordia – a famous trekking spot as its offers direct view of 4/5 eight-thousanders mountains of Pakistan.


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