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Karachi Woman Starts Food Point After Husband Loses Job In Pandemic

When life threw a difficulty at Karachi woman Faiza Ali, she knew what she had to do!

Faiza runs a small food corner to help her family in these pandemic-stricken difficult times. 

Faiza, a housewife, had to leave her house and find work due to the financial situation of her family. Right now, she is running a food corner where she sells burgers, rolls, and pizza. 

It all started when her husband lost his job and their financial situation got worse.

faiza ali Karachi
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In an interview with UrduPoint, Faiza Ali from Karachi said her husband lost his job due to lockdown, and it was when they decided to start their own business.

They sold their car, and with a little investment, started a food point. 

Despite the fact that it is difficult for a woman to work in our society, Faiza took this initiative fearlessly to help her husband make both ends meet. 

She said it was difficult in the beginning when people used to discourage her but things got better gradually. And now she’s on her way to success!

Faiza makes all the food herself, while her husband looks after the other end of things. 

faiza ali karachi
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Faiza believes that with constant hard work, she would be able to expand her business and introduce more food items. 

She has been running her business for one year and wishes to start a restaurant in the future. Faiza Ali is an inspiration for all women of Pakistan! 

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