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List of All Largest Things of Pakistan

Here’s a complete list of all the largest things of Pakistan (city, district, division, bank, tower, building, road, mosque, dam, and more).

List of All Largest Things of Pakistan

  • Largest Air Lines of Pakistan: PIA
  • Largest Air Port: Quaid-e-Azam International Airport, Khi
  • Largest Bank: State bank Of Pakistan
  • Largest Barrage: Sukkur (Lloyd) Barrage
  • Largest City: Karachi (15m people)
  • Smallest City: Jehlum
  • Largest Canal: Lloyd Barrage Canal
  • Largest Cement Plant: Lucky Cement Plan, Lucki Marwat
  • Largest Coast: Balochistan (771 kms long)
  • Largest Coal Mine: Quetta
  • Largest Dam: Tarbela Dam (148m cumec)
  • (Smallest Dam: Warsak Dam)
  • Largest Desert: Thar (sindh)
  • Largest Division: Kalat division (Baluchistan), Area 1,38,633 sq km
  • (Smallest Division: Karachi)
  • Largest District: Khuzdar (Baluchistan)
  • Largest Fort: Rani Kot (Sindh)
  • Largest Frontier: Pak-Afghan border (2252 kms)
  • Largest Gas Field: Sui Gas Field, Baluchistan
  • Largest Hospital: Nishtar Hospital, Multan
  • Largest Hydro-Electric Power Station: Tarbela (3478 MW)
  • Largest Hockey Stadium: National Hockey Stadium, Lahore
  • Largest Industrial Unit: Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi
  • Largest Industry: Textile Industry
  • Largest Island: Manora (Karachi)
  • Largest Jungle: Changa Manga (Kasur)
  • Largest Lake (Artificial): Keenjhar Lake (Sindh)
  • Largest Lake (Natural): Manchhar Lake, Dadu (Sindh)
  • Largest Library: Punjab Public Library, Lahore
  • Largest Mine: Salt Mines, Khewra (Punjab)
  • Largest Mosque: Grand Jamia Mosque, Khi
  • Largest Motorway: M8 Ratodero-Gawadar (892km)
  • Largest Mountain Range: Karakoram
  • Largest Museum: National Museum, Karachi
  • Largest Newspaper: Jang (Urdu) ; The News (English)
  • Largest Nuclear Reactor: Karachi Nuclear Power plant (KANUPP)
  • Largest Oil Field: Dhurnal Oil Field
  • Largest Park: Ayub National Park, Rawalpindi
  • Rainiest City: Rawalpindi
  • Rainiest Place: Murree
  • Largest Radio Station: Islamabad
  • Largest Railway Station: Lahore
  • Largest Railway Platform: Platform of Rohri Station (1894 ft)
  • Largest Railway Line: Karachi to Landi Kotal, Peshawar
  • Largest Railway Tunnel: Khojak Baluchistan (2.43 miles)
  • Largest Railway Workshop: Mughal Pura Workshop Lahore
  • Largest River: Indus River (Shortest: Ravi)
  • Largest Road: Karachi to Peshawar (Highest: Karakoram Highway)
  • Largest Steel Mill: Pipri, Karachi (Russia)
  • Largest Tower: Minar-e-Pakistan (196 feet 8 inches)
  • Largest Minaret: Four Minarets of Shah Faisal Mosque (286 feet each)
  • Largest Tunnel (Road): Lowari (5 miles)
  • Largest Tunnel (Water): Warsak Dam Tunnel (3.5 miles)
  • Largest University: Punjab University, Lahore


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