Saturday, February 4, 2023

Meet Tanzeela Qambrani: First African-Pakistani To Become Minister

Tanzeela Qambrani, a female lawmaker of African origin, was nominated to the cabinet of Pakistan’s southern Sindh province on Thursday, making her the first member of the country’s African-Pakistani minority to occupy a government position.

Tanzeela Qambrani is a resident of Malti in Badin district. She is a Sheedi woman who completed her Master’s degree in Computer Sciences and joined Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). 

She was elected to the Sindh Assembly in 2018 on a women’s reserved seat. As a computer scientist, she would lead the ministry of information technology.

Qambrani was named special assistant to the province’s chief minister on Thursday, a position that is equivalent to that of a provincial minister.

Few outsiders are aware of Pakistan’s African minority, and the community remains mainly isolated in their native country, fighting discrimination as well as larger socioeconomic issues.

Qambrani and her community faced neglect, mistreatment, and difficulties in Pakistan as a result of their background. Regardless of how bright or educated the Sheedi tribe’s members were, they were unable to make any significant changes in their community. 

However, Tanzeela Qambrani, a mother of three, has created history at the age of 39.

The election of Qambrani was not without its critiques: one party member was so outraged by her nomination that he left the party and ran against her.

Qambrani’s entrance into politics should be applauded as a step toward expanding female and minority involvement in politics.

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