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List of the Highest Military & Civilian Awards of Pakistan

Here’s a complete list of the highest military & civilian awards of Pakistan, including their names, types, and reasons of award.

List of Highest Military Awards of Pakistan

  1. Nishan-e-Haider (Order of Haider)
  2. Hilal-i-Jurat (Crescent of Courage)
  3. Sitara-i-Jurat (Star of Courage)
  4. Tamgha-i-Jurat (Medal of Courage)
  5. Imtiazi Sanad

List of Highest Civilian Awards of Pakistan

These are 20 awards, divided into 4 award types.

  • Nishan (Order)
  • Hilal (Crescent)
  • Sitara (Star)
  • Tamgha (Medal)

Each award type is further divided into 5 categories

  • Pakistan (service for state)
  • Shujaat (bravery)
  • Imtiaz (excellence in arts, literature etc.)
  • Quaid-i-Azam (leadership)
  • Khidmat (nation-building, service to poor)

So, the highest civilian awards of Pakistan are:

  1. Nishan-e- Pakistan/Shujaat/Imtiaz/Quaid e Azam/Khidmat
  2. Hilal-e- Pakistan/Shujaat/Imtiaz/Quaid e Azam/Khidmat
  3. Sitara-e- Pakistan/Shujaat/Imtiaz/Quaid e Azam/Khidmat
  4. Tamgha-e- Pakistan/Shujaat/Imtiaz/Quaid e Azam/Khidmat (Tamgha e Khidmat is smallest)


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