Thursday, June 1, 2023

Moral Dynamics: Here’s What’s Wrong With The Pakistani Society

A mother was trying to get her son to sleep by saying, “my baby please go to sleep, otherwise, the cat will come”. The baby instantly responded, “where it is, Mom?”

Over the period of time, it has been observed that Pakistani people have lost their ethical values and traditional norms which have been embedded in the society by their ancestors.

It is more like a paradigm shift in their routine behavior that depends on multiple factors such as the environment – Montesquieu, a French philosopher, also believes that the environment has direct impacts on human beings’ life- mass media, country’s economic situation, and adulteration in audible things too.

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People have forgotten or left practice to bear acerbic and harsh comments in a muddling situation.

In past, people used to understand each others’ perspectives and try to digest despite being in pain so that they averted the societal crisis and preserved the values for the future generations.

But now a day, if someone does not brigade with another’s view, he/ she answers with full force on war footings basis despite considering the age factor, to which he/she is answering, nothing matters to them before their ego.

Apparently, distances have been reduced up to “zero km” but in fact, these are widening morally.

Before digitalization, few years back, when cellular devices were not introduced to the public, mates used to sit together and share their problems with each other and try to equalize the psychological warfare in which they were going through.

Upon arrival of technology, friends still sit together but their intentions have been diverted to their social media world, unfortunately that creates differences and distances between them quietly.

Apparently, distances have been reduced up to “zero km” but in fact, these are widening morally.

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“Manners maketh man”, as famous proverb describes the importance and imperative role of values.

Once again, time has come to rebuild the society by reinstating the lost values with utmost commitment and dedication.

It is the only way forward to up bring new generation with new technological gadgets alongwith our customs to avoid any kind of major chaos in lives as recently happened at Minar-e-Pakistan on 14th August, 2021.

No one has privilege to encroach on the rights of woman or man publically or privately, even he/ she does not hold good reputation in society. It is their choice!


Hassan Azeem

The author is a public servant, currently serving as Assistant Director at Planning & Development Board, Govt. of the Punjab. When not dispensing his official duties, he loves playing, reading, and writing about Chess.

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