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Here’s Why Nazia Hassan Will Always Be ‘Queen’ Of Music

August 13 marks the anniversary of Pakistan pop star, Nazia Hassan, who passed away after a long fight with cancer. 

Nazia’s death is regarded as one of the most significant losses in the music industry.

Even though she didn’t sing many songs for films, the magic she produced with her music is everlasting. She made a name for herself among the maestros and left an indelible mark.

Here’s a brief account of Nazia Hassan Biography!

Nazia Hassan Biography

Nazia Hassan was born into a well-educated family in Karachi. Basir Hassan, a businessman, and Muniza Basir, a well-known artist, and social worker, are her parents.

Despite the fact that she was from Pakistan, Nazia’s breakthrough song “Aap Jaisa Koi” for the Indian film Qurbani made her a star overnight in India.

Nazia demonstrated to the world at the age of 15 that a teenager can do great things if given the chance and support of their family.

At that time, she was the first Pakistani to receive a Filmfare award (1980). Nazia Hassan is still the youngest winner of the Best Playback Singer Female award today.

Queen of Pop & Eternal Music

Disco Deewane, her debut album, was the first South Asian album to chart in South Africa, Russia Indonesia, and Brazil.

Biddu gave Nazia and Zoheb the option to act in a movie shortly after the album’s release, but they declined so that they could focus on their music. This was before the advent of social media, so garnering such a large amount of attention for your debut record was considerably more difficult.

Nazia, who began her singing career at the age of 10, was recognized as a vocal beauty. She was called “Queen of Pop Music” throughout her successful singing career. She went on to sell over 65 million albums globally alongside her brother Zoheb Hassan.

Nazia Hassan revolutionized Pakistan’s music business by introducing disco music to the country. The third album by Nazia, “Young Tarang,” was the first in Pakistan to include music videos. 

More importantly, the record went on to become one of Asia’s most popular. With only a 13-year career, Nazia Hassan sold over 60 million albums globally.

Philanthropic Work

Nazia left her singing career to focus on her charitable activities after recording five albums alongside her brother, Zoheb Hassan.

She also founded BAN (Battle Against Narcotics) in Karachi in the 1990s to aid in the battle against the drug war.

After interning at the United Nations’ Women’s International Leadership program, Nazia Hassan worked for the United Nations Security Council in addition to being a lawyer.

Nazia was awarded a scholarship to Columbia University’s Leadership Program because of her social and academic status, but she was unable to go since she was diagnosed with cancer at the same time.

Although Nazia succumbed to cancer over 15 years ago, her voice has sustained her through the years and will hopefully continue to do so in the future. 

She was one of Pakistan’s most powerful female figures, captivating audiences across the world with her singing and social work, and would always remain the Queen of pop.


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