Saturday, February 4, 2023

“No Woman Is Safe In This Country”: Sajal Ali

With new cases of sexual assault, domestic abuse, and horrifying murders surfacing every day, actor Sajal Ali took to her Instagram to condemn the acts of violence against women.

Sharing a post by the account ‘Brown Feminist,’ Sajal called out those who reject the Domestic Violence Bill and protect the culprits of domestic abuse.

The actor expressed her anger over the people who were still silent and protecting the offenders.

“It’s a shame that no woman is safe in this country,” Sajal Ali wrote on her Instagram story. 

The exponential increase in the ratio of domestic abuse and the rejection of the Domestic Violence Bill has led to a wave of rage among women.

Studies reveal that 60-70% of Pakistani women suffer some form of abuse. 

Approximately five thousand women are killed annually, with thousands of women disabled. 

Pakistan has been ranked 5th most dangerous country for women in 2021, and crimes against women are rising dramatically.

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