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Old, New and Nick Names of Cities of Pakistan

Here’s a list of old and new names as well as famous nicknames of important cities and other regions of Pakistan.

Old & New Names of Important Cities/ Regions of Pakistan

Old name of Jacobabad = Khan Garh
Old name of Sialkot = Salwan Kot/ Sagala/ Sangala/ Sakala
Old name of Faisalabad = Lyallpur
Old name of Quetta = Shal Kot
Old name of Sahiwal = Montgomery
Old name of Lahore = Mahmoodpur
Old name of Hyderabad = Neroon Kot (at the time of M Bin Qasim)
Old name of Attock = Cambellpur
Old name of Zhob = Fort Sandeman
Old name of Pakpattan = Ajodhan Pur (named by Akbar)
Old name of Muslim Bagh = Hindu Bagh
Old name of Bin Qasim = Sea Port Pepri
Old name of Islampura = Krishan Nagar
Old name of Ghaziabad = Kumharpura

List of Famous Names/ Nicknames of Cities/ Regions of Pakistan

  • Salt Home of World = Pakistan
  • Land of Pure People = Pakistan
  • Land of Five Rivers = Punjab
  • Bread Basket of Pak = Punjab
  • Queen of Crops = Punjab
  • City of Colleges = Lahore
  • City of Lightening = Karachi
  • Gateway of Pakistan = Karachi
  • City of Textiles = Faisalabad
  • Manchester of Pakistan = Faisalabad
  • Brasilia of Pakistan = Islamabad
  • City of Greenery = Islamabad
  • City of Flowers = Peshawar
  • Switzerland of Pakistan = Swat
  • Little Pakistan = Bradford
  • Gate way of Invaders = Khyber Pass
  • Pearl of Himalayas = Kaghan Valley
  • Killer Mountain = Nanga Parbat


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