Monday, February 6, 2023

The PM House In Islamabad Is Now Up For Rent

Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to leave the PM House Islamabad in August 2019. He has been residing in Bani Gala and only visits the PM’s office as and when needed.

The PM house Islamabad was supposed to be turned into a university at first. However, the PTI administration has a different plan now.

The federal government is now considering renting out space for events after it has backed down on plans to establish a state-of-the-art federal educational institution in PM House Islamabad.

To generate money, the Prime Minister’s House auditorium, two guest wings, and a lawn can be rented out. 

Photo Credit: Alamy

High-level diplomatic gatherings and international seminars will be conducted at the previous Pakistani prime minister’s main office.

The Federal Cabinet has agreed that cultural, fashion, educational, and other events can also be held on the premises.

For this purpose, two committees have been created. They will be in charge of ensuring that the PM House’s discipline and decorum are maintained during the events.

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