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Timeline III: Political History of Pakistan From 1947 to 2020

Here’s a detailed timeline of complete political and socioeconomic history of Pakistan from 1947 AD to 2020 AD and present, including summary/ notes of all major events.

Timeline: Political History of Pakistan from 1947 to 2020


3rd June

  • Partition Plan announced (self-determination/ referenda in NWFP and Sylhet, division of 3 provinces in just 72 days)


  • Pakistan Fund was setup by Quaid in June 1947

6th July

  • NWFP Referendum from 6-17 July, 1947. Result on 20th July

8th July

  • Constituent Assembly approves Pakistan’s design

18th July

  • British parliament passed Indian Independence Bill. Was enforced on 15th August 1947

20th July

  • Pakistan’s first Constituent Assembly constituted. Total 69 members, later increased to 79 with one female

10th Aug

  • First session of the first Constituent Assembly

11th Aug

  • Quaid-e-Azam addressed the Constituent Assembly for the first time
  • Pakistan national flag was adopted

14th Aug

  • Pakistan founded

15th Aug

  • US embassy in Karachi was established
  • Junaghadh announced accension to Pakistan

17th Aug

  • Boundary Commission of Cyril Radcliffe announced (Radcliffe was a lawyer by profession). It included two Muslim-majority tehsils (sub-divisions) of Gurdaspur in India. 78% of population in Kashmir was Muslims in 1947

18th Aug

  • Hafiz Abdul Majeed was appointed as Chief Secretary, West Punjab on 18th August 1947

22nd Aug

  • Friday was declared as half working day
  • Iran and Pakistan established diplomatic relations
  • Congress Ministry of NWFP (Dr. Khan Sahib) was dismissed by Quaid e Azam

27th Aug

  • Pakistan admitted as Member of the Food and Agriculture Organization of UN

14th Sep

  • Pakistan joined ILO (Intl Labour Organization)

30th Sep

  • Pakistan became member of United Nations (Afghanistan was the only country to oppose Pakistan’s membership)


  • Quaid e Azam relief fund was set up in September 1947

27th Oct

  • Indian forces occupy the state of Jammu and Kashmir as Maharaja Hari Singh declares ascension to India


  • Lord Mounbatten arrived as the last viceroy
  • Sindh assembly passed the resolution for the creation of Pakistan firstly
  • Quaid became 1st Governor General, Liaqat Ali Khan first PM. Chief Justice of Lahore HC, Justice Abdur Rasheed administered the oath of M.A. Jinnah. Jinnah administrated the oath of Prime Minister to Liaqat Ali Khan
  • Nawab Liaquat Ali Khan was also the first Defence Minister of Pakistan
  • Sir Francis Moody was the first Governor of Punjab from August 1947 to August 1949. Moody imposed Governor Rule in Punjab in January 1949
  • After independence, the first industrial unit inaugurated by Quaid-e-Azam was Valika Textile Mills
  • Amir of Kuwait was the first head of state to visit Pakistan in 1947
  • There were 3 radio stations were working at the time of partition
  • Issues at independence
    • Unsettled boundaries – unjust Radcliffe award (inclusion of Gurdaspur, Ferozepur, Madhupur in India)
    • River water issue
    • Annexation of states (Kashmir, Hyderabad, Junagarh, Manavadar)
    • Distribution of assets (750m out of 4bn, ordnance factories, armed forces, industrial units)
    • Refugees/ skirmishes


1st Jan

  • UN ceasefire in Kashmir to stop war from tribes

3rd Jan

  • Pakistan issued its first coin

1st Apr

  • Defense Council was formed on 1st April 1948


  • India stopped water from Ravi and Sutlej in April 1948.
  • Ayub Khoro ministry in Sindh was dissolved by Quaid in April. Khoro is the only man to be prosecuted under PRODA

1st May

  • First India-Pakistan war on Kashmir


  • Karachi was declared Federal area by the legislative Assembly in May 1948.

1st July

  • Quaid inaugurated State Bank (The initial assets of SBP were equal to three Crore)
  • Zahid Hussain is the first governor of State Bank

9th July

  • First Pakistani Postal stamp was issued

14th Aug

  • Karachi radio station (Pakistan’s first) inaugurated by Liaquat Ali Khan

27th Aug

  • Quaid delivered his last message to the nation

11th Sep

  • India occupies Junagadh and Hyderabad Deccan
  • Quaid passes away due to due to Cardiac arrest at 10:20 p.m in G.G House Karachi and buried on 12th September, 1948 A.D. Funeral prayer of Quaid-e-Azam was by Shabir Ahmed Usmani

14th Sep

  • Khawaja Nazim ud Din becomes Pakistan’s 2nd governor general


  • India took Kashmir to UNSC, which called for ceasefire and troops pullout


1st Jan

  • UN ceasefire line in Kashmir

8th Feb

  • AJK shifts capital

12th Mar

  • Objective Resolution was passed by the Constituent Assembly
  • Mian Iftikhar uddin was the only Muslim to oppose the Objectives Resolution in the Assembly

13th Apr

  • BBC started its first Urdu service on

27th July

  • Karachi agreement (UN asked Pakistan to withdraw forces from Kashmir, Ceasefire line, Plebiscite in Kashmir)


  • Moody imposed the Governor Rule in Punjab in January 1949
  • PRDOA promulgated (PARODA and EDBO were promulgated in 1949 and in 1958 respectively)
  • The first agreement signed on Siachen glacier
  • Peer Sahib Manki Shareef founded the Awami Muslim League party in September 1949.


4th Jan

  • Pakistan recognized PRC (People’s Republic of China)

8th April

  • Liaqat-Nehru pact (Delhi agreement) when Liaqat visited India (Refugees issue + Repatriation of property and assets)
  • Liaquat Ali Khan’s first foreign visit after partition was to India

3rd May

  • Liaqat visited the US (3-26th May, for 3 weeks), met President Harry Truman and set the course of Pakistan’s foreign policy towards closer ties with the West. Title of the published collection of Liaquat’s speeches meant to introduce Pakistan to the West was “Pakistan, Heart of Asia.”

18th May

  • Peshawar University founded

11th July

  • Pakistan joins World Bank and IMF

6th Sep

  • Ayub Khan appointed as first Pakistani C-in-C


  • Jinnah Awami league is the first opposition party of Pakistan. It was founded by Abudal Hameed Bhashwani in 1950.
  • Basic Principles Committee set up by the Constituent Assembly to frame a draft Constitution. Basic Principles Committee presented its report in September, 1950
  • In 1950, Iftikhar Hussain Mamdot founded Jinnah Muslim League party.


24th Jan

  • 22 points of Ulema put on 24th January 1951 by 31 Ulema

9th Mar

  • Conspiracy to overthrow Liaquat Government exposed

11th May

  • University of Karachi established

14th June

  • Rawalpindi Conspiracy Case hearing in the Hyderabad Jail. (It was was an attempted coup d’état against Liaquat Ali Khan by Major-General Akbar Khan and leftist politicians and intellectuals, including Faiz Ahmed Faiz)

1st Oct

  • Pakistan standard time was adopted

16th Oct

  • Liaquat Ali Khan while addressing a meeting at Rawalpindi’s now Liaqat Bagh was assassinated by Syed Akbar

17th Oct

  • Khawaja Nazimuddin (2nd Governor General) became 2nd PM as executive powers laid with it, Malik Ghulam Muhammad (Finance Minister) became 3rd Governor General


  • POF (Pakistan Ordnance Factories) founded at Wah
  • First census of Pakistan. Six censuses so far: 1951, 1961, 1972, 1981, 1998 and 2017 (Population of West Pakistan in 1951 was 34 million)
  • First provincial elections
  • Planning Board turned into Planning Commission in 1951.
  • Allama Iqbal’s tomb was built in 1951.


12th Jan

  • PIDC (Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation) founded by Ghulam Farooq

21st Feb

  • Language riots in Bangladesh (since Urdu was declared as national language in 1948). Some protesting students of University of Dhaka were killed. Sheikh Mujeeb ur Rehman highlighted this issue to become a national hero. He was given an honorary title of Bangabandhu (Friend of Bengal)

12th Mar

  • Princely states of Makran, Kalat, Kharan, and Las Bela integrated into Balochistan

21st Aug

  • Pakistan & India makes a boundary agreement between East & West Bengal

22nd Aug

  • A 24-hr telegraph telephone service set up between East & West Pakistan

24th Dec

  • UNSC adopts Anglo-American Resolution urging demilitarization talks b/w India and Pakistan on Kashmir immediately

31st Dec

  • Pakistan National Scouts formed


  • Basic Principles Committee Report about the form of constitution (federation, PM, Judiciary, 3 lists, bicameral legislature – lower house of 400, upper house of 120) etc.
  • Natural gas discovered at Sui in Bugti, Balochistan. It was Pakistan’s biggest and world’s 7th largest natural gas field at the time
  • Pakistan got first loan from the US in 1952
  • Pakistan got status of Test cricket in 1952
  • Wheat crisis occurred in 1952
  • Shortage of salt took place in 1952 in East Bengal.


17th Apr

  • Muhammad Ali Bogra becomes 3rd Prime Minister after Khawaja Nazimuddin is dismissed by Ghulam Muhammad (even though he enjoyed confidence of parliament). His dismissal was due to his weak character, anti-Ahmadiyya riots (movement for Tahaffuz-i-Khatam-i-Nabuwat), and worsening food condition in Punjab

14th July

  • Quaid-e-Azam birthplace Wazir Mansion Karachi is declared a national monument of Pakistan

16th Aug

  • Kashmir Martyrs Day in Pakistan

7th Oct

  • Bogra Formula (also known as Constitutional Formula) was presented before the Constituent Assembly. The plan proposed for a Bicameral Legislature with equal representation for all the five provinces of the country in the Upper House. Under this formula, there would be 300 seats in NA (with 165 seats of Bengal), 50 seats in Senate. So both wings had 175 seats each in combined session of Legislative Assembly. (However, the assemblies were dissolved before it could be implemented)

22nd Nov

  • Syed Sulaiman Nadvi dies in Karachi


  • Martial Law in Lahore was imposed in March 1953
  • Nishtar Hospital (once the largest hospital in Pakistan) was built in 1953



  • Urdu made National Language in April 1954, it has 37 letters
  • Defence Pact between USA and Pakistan in April 1954

21st July

  • Italian mountaineer Ardito Desio conquers K2 mountain

13th Aug

  • National Anthem played in Pakistan for the first time. It was composed by Ahmed G. Chagla and written by Abu Al-Asar Hafeez Jalandhari

17th Aug

  • Pakistan beats England during its maiden (first) tour at Oval

21st Sep

  • Constituent Assembly passes resolution to make both Urdu & Bengali as Pakistan national languages

7th Oct

  • Foreign Minister Chaudhry Zafarullah Khan became member of ICJ

24th Oct

  • First Constituent Assembly dissolved by Ghulam Muhammad. Mir Maulvi Tamizuddin was its speaker. A state of emergency was declared.

22nd Nov

  • One Unit policy was announced by Muhammad Ali Bogra to merge the four provinces of West Pakistan into one unit, as a counterbalance against the numerical domination of the ethnic Bengalis of East Pakistan.


  • Bogra’s Kashmir efforts
  • Pakistan joined SEATO in 1954 and withdrew in 1972.
  • Nehru agreed to plebiscite in Kashmir but reverted when Pak got US aid under new agreements
  • Elections were held in 1954 in the East Bengal.


1st Jan

  • PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) founded

17th Jan

  • Saadat Hassan Manto died in Lahore

15th Mar

  • Kotri Barrage on Indus river in Sindh, inaugurated by Ghulam Muhammad. It was the biggest irrigation project post-independence

18th Apr

  • Pakistan helps organize and participate in Bandung Conference in Indonesia (18-24 April), that eventually led to establishment of Non-Aligned Movement in Belgrade in Yugoslavia in 1961

7th Aug

  • Prime Minister Mohammad Ali Bogra resigns and Ch Muhammad Ali becomes 4th Prime Minister

6th Oct

  • Iskandar Mirza becomes 3rd Governor General of Pakistan after Ghulam Muhammad fell ill and resigned (Ghulam Muhammad was a civil servant-turned dictator who didn’t believe in democracy). Iskendar Mirza had the shortest tenure as Governor – General of Pakistan

14th Oct

  • One Unit formula implemented/ brought into effect by PM Chaudhry Muhammad Ali to give parity to East Pakistan. The province of West Pakistan was created by the merger of the provinces, states, and Tribal Areas of the western wing. It was composed of twelve divisions and the provincial capital was at Lahore. The province of East Bengal (now Bangladesh) was renamed East Pakistan with the provincial capital at Dacca.


  • Pakistan established its first Atomic Energy Institute in January 1955
  • Dr Khan Sahib became the 1st Chief Minister of West Wing (he had opposed creation of Pakistan and had formed Republican Party to compete Muslim League)
  • Mushtaq Gormani became the first Governor of West Pakistan
  • Pakistan joined CENTO (Baghdad Pact) in 1955 along with Iran, Iraq, and Turkey (and left CENTO in March 1979)


21st Feb

  • Constituent Assembly decided that Pakistan will be called Islamic Republic of Pakistan and will be a federal republic

23rd March

  • First constitution promulgated on 23rd March, 1956 (PM: Ch M Ali). Pakistan declared Islamic Republic and Iskandar Mirza became first president. Three lists. Unicameral legislature with each wing have 150 reps (6 reserved for women). President can oust PM if he loses confidence of parliament. Urdu, Bengali both national language. 234 articles, 13 parts, 6 schedules. Parliamentary form govt. No referendum. Direct elections. No SJC. President to be 40 years.


  • First Five Year Plan announced by Chaudhary Muhammad Ali (1955-60)

12th Sep

  • Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy becomes 5th Prime Minister of Pakistan


  • Electorate bill introduced in NA at Dhaka (separate electorate in West Pak and join electorate in East Pak).


  • Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) established in March 1956 – Dr.Nazir Ahmed-first chairman
  • Suez Canal Crisis took place in the reign of Soharwardy.
  • Pakistan becomes ‘Republic’ in 1956


2nd Feb

  • Iskandar Mirza lays foundation of Guddu Barage on Indus in Sindh

8th Mar

  • Iskandar Mirza lays foundation of the State Bank building in Karachi

11th July

  • Sir Aga Khan III (the first president of All India Muslim League and 48th spiritual leader of Shia Ismaili Muslims) dies in Geneva, Switzerland

17th Oct

  • II Chundrigar (Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar) becomes 6th Prime Minister and is removed by vote of no confidence after 3 months on 11th Dec

16th Dec

  • Sir Malik Firoz Khan Noon becomes 7th Prime Minister


  • Governor Raj in West Pakistan for 4 months


14th Feb

  • Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar dies in Karachi

25th June

  • Iskandar Mirza proclaims President rule in East Pak

17th July

  • 1st Nigar Film awards

8th Sep

  • Gawadar was bought by Khan of Kalat at 40 lacs pounds from Oman by Feroz khan Noon

7th Oct

  • First Martial Law imposed by Iskandar Mirza, with Ayub Khan as Chief Martial Law Administrator

24th Oct

  • Ayub Khan becomes 8th Prime Minister

27th Oct

  • Ayub Khan ousts Iskandar Mirza and declares himself as the President

2nd Nov

  • Iskandar Mirza exiled


  • EBDO promulgated (PARODA and EDBO were promulgated in 1949 and in 1958 respectively)
  • Sardar Abdul Rab Nishtar died in 1958
  • Feroz khan noon was the PM at the time of 1958 Martial law
  • Pakistan win its first hockey gold medal in Asian Games in 1958 Tokyo


24th Jan

  • The first agriculture reforms were introduced in Pakistan. The maximum limit of non irrigated lands was fixed at 1000 acres. 902 land farm holders were affected by the Ayub Reforms.

21st Mar

  • PRODA enforced to disqualify the politicians

18th Apr

  • Ayub Khan Govt takes over daily newspapers

12th July

  • Shukria Niaz Ali became Pakistan’s first woman pilot

16th Sep

  • Islamic Research Institute founded

26th Oct

  • 80k Basic Democracies introduced by Ayub Khan

27th Oct

  • Ayub Khan gives himself the rank of Field Marshal


24th Feb

  • New capital named Islamabad

23rd Mar

  • Minar e Pakistan foundation stone laid by Ayub Khan

21st May

  • Pakistan made boundary agreement with Iran

31st July

  • Mizar e Quaid foundation stone laid by Ayub Khan

1st Aug

  • Islamabad declared capital, the seat of Govt. Rawalpindi became new temporary capital of Pakistan.

9th Sep

  • Pakistan won first Olympic Gold medal in hockey by defeating India in Rome

19th Sep

  • Indus Water Treaty between India and Pakistan (Indus, Jehlum, Chenab to Pakistan; Ravi, Sutlej, Bias to India) by World Bank


  • Ayub Khan took oath as President of Pakistan after referendum in February 1960
  • Border Ground Rules agreement (E.g. height of checkpoints, watch towers, delineate airspace, etc.)
  • I.I. Chandaraker died in 1960
  • The master plan of Islamabad was prepared in 1960 by MIS Constructinos Doxiades of Greek
  • “Warsak Dam” has been built on the river Kabul in NWFP in 1960


1st Jan

  • Decimal system of coinage was introduced in Pak

14th June

  • Govt takes over APP news agency (Associated Press of Pakistan)


  • Jasmine chosen to be Pakistan national flower

16th Aug

  • Baba e Urdu Molvi Abdul Haq died in Karachi

16th Sep

  • Space Science Research Wing of PAEC (later SUPARCO) established, with Dr Abdus Salam as founding director. (Mr Salim Mehmud was appointed as the first Chairman of SUPARCO in 1981).


  • 2nd census held
  • Muslim family Law Ordinance of March 1961. It contributed a great deal towards generating public resentment against Ayub regime.


27th April

  • AK Fazlul Huq (Abul Kasem Fazlul Huq) dies in Dhaka. (Known as Sher e Begal, he was the first and longest serving PM of British Bengal and famously presented the famous Lahore Resolution, that was written by Muhammad Zafrullah Khan)

1st June

  • Faiz Ahmed Faiz gets Lenin Prize from USSR/ Soviet Union/ Russia for his contribution to the literary world

7th June

  • SUPARCO Pakistan launches country’s first weather rocket called Rehbar-I

8th June

  • Ayub Khan lifted the Martial Law, and the new constitution of 1962 was enforced. The National Assembly was to consist of 156 members, including six women, each wing have parity. President all powerful, could remove parliament. 250 Articles, 12 Parts, 3 Schedules. President could also veto legislative bills. 8 amendments during its life. Two lists Presidential. Referendum. Indirect elections. Two Islamic institutions, CII and IRI. Institution of SJC. It was entirely different from the one recommended by the Shahab-ud-din Commission (Justice Shahab–ud-din was the Head of the Constituent Committee formed by Ayub Khan). Justice Manzoor Qadir headed the commission formed by Ayub Khan for drafting the 1962 Constitution.


  • Indo-China war. China asked us to attack India
  • Zafarullah Khan served as president of UN General Assembly’s 17th session in 1962.


5th Jan

  • Pakistan and China signed first trade agreement

24th Jan

  • Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto became foreign minister of Pakistan. Mother of Z.A.Bhutto was Hindu. Z.A. Bhutto studied in Southern California University. Bhutto was appointed Foreign Minister in 1963. Pakistan Peoples Party established in 1967.

2nd March

  • Pakistan and China signed border agreement at Peking (now Beijing)


  • Code of Press Ethics adopted
  • Soharwardy died in 1963 in Bairut, And Muhammad Ali Bogra died in 1963.


31st July

  • RCD (Regional Cooperation for Development) agreement signed between Turkey, Iran and Pakistan and was annulled in 1979

17th Sep

  • Fatima Jinnah files paper to run for Presidential election

22nd Oct

  • Khawaja Nazimuddin dies at Dhaka

28th Oct

  • Pakistan wins solver medal at 1964 Tokyo Olympics for hockey

26th Nov

  • PTV Pakistan Telecommunication Corporation founded and was inaugurated by Ayub Khan at Lahore (PTV started its color transmission on 20th December 1976)


  • Pakistan irrigation research council was founded in 1964.


2nd Jan

  • Ayub Khan re-elected President under constitution of 1962 by defeating Fatima Jinnah

30th June

  • India and Pakistan signed Rann of Kutch agreement

6th Sep

  • 2nd Pakistan-India war on Kashmir (lasted for 17 days)
    • Started due to Operation Jibraltar in Kashmir
    • Success in Sir Creek
    • PAF performed well, but overall a draw

23rd Sep

  • Ceasefire between Pakistan and India over 1965 war


  • Transit Trade Agreement” between Pakistan and Afghanistan in 1965.
  • Agreement with Canada on first nuclear power station in Karachi was signed in 1965
  • In Rann of Kutch dispute in 1965, Pakistan declared frontier between Pakistan and India is 24th Parallel Line


10th Jan

Tashkent Declaration (Ceasefire brokered by USSR and US) was signed between Ayub Khan and Lal Bahadur Shastri

  • Both sides pull back to pre-war positions
  • No interference in internal affairs
  • No border skirmishes
  • Orderly transfer of prisoners
  • Restoration of economic/diplomatic relations
  • Work to improve bilateral ties

12th Feb

  • Sheikh Mujeeb, head of Awami League, gave his famous six points at the house of Former premier Ch. Muhaamad Ali in a meeting of All Parties Conference in Karachi:
    • Constitution should provide for a Federation in the true sense, parliamentary form, supremacy of a directly elected legislature
    • The Federal Govt shall deal with only two subjects; Defense and Foreign Affairs. All residuary subjects will be vested in states
    • There should be either two separate, freely convertible currencies for the two Wings, or one currency with two separate reserve banks
    • The power of taxation and revenue collection shall be vested in the federating units (Fed will receive a share)
    • Economic disparities between the two Wings shall disappear through a series of economic, fiscal, and legal reforms
    • A militia or paramilitary force must be created in East Pakistan

17th June

  • Bhutto resigns as foreign minister

17th Sep

  • Yahya Khan became C-in-C of Pakistan. Gen Musa Khan (previous C-in-C was appointed as Governor General of the West Pakistan)

13th Nov

  • Montgomery city in Punjab renamed to new name Sahiwal


  • Major Aziz Bhatti was awarded Nishan e Haider for service in 1965 war
  • The old name of Round Garden was changed into Nasir Garden in 1966 after the visit of Egyptian President Nasir


9th July

  • Fatima Jinnah died in Karachi

14th Aug

  • Islamabad became the capital of Pakistan.

24th Aug

  • 1st steel mill of Pakistan inauguration at Chittagong, Bangladesh

18th Nov

  • Egyptian singer Umm e Kulsoom awarded Sitara I Imtiaz for singing Allama Iqbal poetry

26th Nov

  • Nawab of Kalabagh, Malik Amir Muhammad, shot dead

1st Dec

  • PPP founded by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto


  • Five parties formed an alliance against Ayub Khan which was called PDM.


6th Jan

  • Agartala conspiracy case against Sheikh Mujibur Rehman and 34 others for secession of the East Pakistan by collusion with Indian military in Indian city of Agartala, Tripura. 28 were arrested.

26th Oct

  • Pakistan wins 1968 Olympic for hockey by defeating Australia

31st Oct

  • Meenar e Pakistan was completed


  • Students’ demonstrations start
  • Ayub Khan suffered a severe heart attack but he didn’t hand over control to speaker national assembly. This deliberate violation of constitution angered Bengalis. Agitation started in East Pakistan.
  • Bhutto also started agitation in West wing, demanding free elections.


6th Mar

  • Court cases that are against students withdrawn in the West Pakistan

25th Mar

  • Ayub Khan resigned and handed over the control of Government to Yahya Khan. Assemblies were dissolved, constitution was abrogated and second Martial law was imposed in Pakistan.


  • Yahya regime announced Labour Reforms


  • Pakistan joined OIC
  • States of Dir, Chitral and Swat were incorporated in NWFP in August 1969


30th Mar

  • LFO (Legal Framework Order) was promulgated. Total number of National Assembly seats in the L.F.O. was 313.East Bengal had 169 seats and Punjab had 85 seats in L.F.O

1st July

  • One unit was abolished. Baluchistan got status of province (Sardar Atta ullah Mengal was the first Chief Minister of Balochistan from 1972 to 1973). Atta ullah Mengal founded Pakistan Oppressed Nations Movement (PONM)

7th Dec

  • 1st general elections were held. Elections could not be held on fixed date and had to be postponed till 7th December due to Floods in East Pakistan.
  • Awami League secured majority in new National Assembly (160/300 seats, 160/162 in East) while PPP just got 81 seats, as second biggest party. Yahya Khan delayed inauguration, citing that more time is needed to develop political consensus as PPP boycotted the inauguration. Also tense situation created by India. It led to agitation in East Pakistan.

19th Dec

  • Pakistan defeated India in 1970 Asian Games and won gold medal for hockey


30th Jan

  • Two Indian agents in the guise of Kashmiri Mujahideen hijacked ‘Ganga’ plane bound from Srinagar to Lahore. In guise of it, India blocked its airspace for Pakistan, which had a significant impact on troop movement in 1971 war.

16th Feb

  • KKH (Karakorum Highway) was opened. It links Pakistan with China.

26th Mar

  • Operation Searchlight launched by Pakistan army in East Pakistan. Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, head of the Awami League (founded 1949), launched Civil Disobedience movement, and then declared East Pakistan to be independent of Pakistan with aid of Mukti Bahni (freedom fighters trained and armed by Indian intelligence). Civil war began with Operation Searchlight (airports, radio stations captured, Sheikh arrested).

29th Aug

  • Rashid Minhas was awarded Pakistan’s highest military award Nishan e Haider

24th Oct

  • Pakistan won 1971 Hockey World Cup at Barcelona by defeating Spain

3rd Dec

  • India intervened in East Pakistan on 3rd Dec 1971, citing refugee issue as a reason. Full-scale war started.

6th Dec

  • Maj Shabbir Sharif (elder brother of Raheel Sharif) martyred. He’s the only person to get both Nishan – e Haider and Sitara e Jurat.

16th Dec

  • Dhaka fell. East Pakistan separated from West Pakistan. Lieutenant General Amir Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered 90,000 Pakistani troops to Indian army

20th Dec

  • Yahya Khan resigned, handing power to ZA Bhutto who took over as civilian CMLA and President

26th Dec

  • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto appointed a commission of inquiry into the 1971 war with Justice Hamoodur Rahman as president


8th Jan

  • Sheikh Mujib released unconditionally

30th Jan

  • Pakistan left Commonwealth after it recognized Bangladesh and rejoined as 49th member in 1989

1st Mar

  • Land reforms announced by PPP regime on 1st March 1972

14th Mar

  • New educational policy, under which education became free in all public and private schools

14th Apr

  • ZA Bhutto elected president by National Assembly under the Provisional Constitution

21st Apr

  • Martial law lifted.
  • ZA. Bhutto took oath as President under the Provisional Constitution

1st May

  • Pakistan celebrated Labor day for first time

2nd July (or 3rd July)

Simla agreement was signed between India’s PM Indira Gandhi and Pakistan’s President Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

  • India, Pakistan to resolve Kashmir Issue bilaterally but no bilateral agreement would be superior to UN resolution/ decision
  • Return of POWs
  • Ceasefire line turned to LoC
  • Hotline established
  • Pre-war positions in West Pakistan – but not Kargil (5,000 sq mile returned to us)
  • No interference in internal affairs
  • No border skirmishes
  • Restoration of economic/diplomatic relations
  • Work to improve bilateral ties

8th July

  • Sindh language violence, after riots erupted in Karachi over Sindhi language bill (Sindh assembly proclaimed Sindhi as official language of Sindh) and several Urdu-speaking people were killed

28th Oct

  • KANUPP (Karachi Nuclear Power plant was established with the assistance of Canada)

20th Dec

  • Radio Pak. Converted into Pakistan Broad.Corp


  • Nationalization of educational institutions and vital industries started by Bhutto through an Ordinance on 2nd Jan 1972 (complete nationalization of banks on 1st Jan 1974)
  • ZA Bhutto secretly launches Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme


13th Feb

  • Begum Raana Liaqat Ali became first woman Governor of Pakistan after assuming Sindh governor office. She was also the first lady of Pakistan

10th Apr

  • Constitution of 1973 enacted by National Assembly


  • Martial Law was imposed in Balochistan in May 1973.

11th Aug

  • Ch Fazal Elahi elected 5th President of Pakistan

14th Aug

  • Constitution of 1973 enforced. ZA Bhutto became 9th Prime Minister of Pakistan

28th Aug

  • Agreement signed with India in Delhi for return of POWs

30th Dec

  • Pakistan Steel Mills founded by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto with the aid of USSR in Ban Qasim


  • Pakistan left SEATO
  • West Pakistan was divided into four provinces in 1973


1st Jan

  • Nationalization of banks on 1st Jan 1974

21st Feb

  • Pakistan recognized Bangladesh

22nd Feb

  • OIC Islamic Summit in Lahore attended by 22 state heads

7th Sep

  • Resolution passed to declare Ahmadis to be Non-Muslims


  • India became nuclear power
  • Banks were nationalized in Pakistan
  • Pakistan introduced National Identity cards (NIC)
  • First biogas plant established in 1974.
  • The first Dry Port in Pakistan was established in 1974 at Lahore


27th July

  • CII/ Islamic Ideology Council recommends to end Riba as well as to introduce Zakat

5th Oct

  • Pakistan established diplomatic ties with Bangladesh

25th Oct

  • Journalist Aga Shorish Kashmiri (who started magazine Chattan) died in Lahore

27th Dec

  • 1976 declared Quaid e Azam’s Century Year


1st March

  • Gen Zia ul Haq became Chief of Staff

24th July

  • Samjhota Express started between Lahore and Amritsar

31st July

  • AQ Khan laboratory established in Kahuta

6th Aug

  • Port Qasim foundation stone laid by Bhutto

20th Dec

  • PTV started its color transmission


  • Tarbela Dam built
  • The post of C-in-C was changed to Chief of Staff


10th Jan

  • 9 parties formed PNA (Pakistan National Alliance) against PPP for 1977 general elections. PNA started Nizam-e-Mustafa movement but the alliance ended in 1978 after Zia. The left-wing parties later would form the MRD alliance under PPP to oppose President Zia-ul-Haq in the 1980s and the right-wing forming the IJI (Islami Jamoori Ittehad) alliance under PML.
  • Rafiq Ahmed Bajwa used the term of Nizam e Mustafa during PNA movement in 1977

7th March

  • Elections to the National Assembly held under Bhutto. PP won 155/200 seats, while PNA won 35 seats. Later on, riots erupted due to allegations of vote-rigging.

1st July

  • Friday declared official holiday by Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

5th July

  • Zia ul Haq enforced Martial law and suspended a part of constitution (partially suspended) in operation Fair Play, banning all political activities

17th Sep

  • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto arrested


  • In his agricultural reforms Bhutto put ceiling to land holding at 150 acres of irrigated land. Bhutto announced second package of agricultural reforms in 1977.


1st Feb

  • Allama Iqbal house in Lahore declared to be a national monument of Pakistan

18th March

  • Zulfikar Ali Bhutto awarded death sentence by LHC with 4 others, after being charged with murder of a political opponent Nawab Muhammad Ahmed Khan

11th June

  • Altaf Hussain formed APMSO (All Pakistan Muhaajir Student Organization)

16th Sep

  • Zia ul Haq became President when tenure of Ch.Fazal Ilahi got expired

24th Nov

  • Pakistan won Hockey Champions Trophy against Australia at Lahore


  • Karakoram highway started in 1959 was completed/ opened in 1978
  • Pakistan joined CTBT


6th Feb

  • SC upheld Bhutto’s conviction

10th Feb

  • Hudood Ordinance was enforced

1st Mar

  • PNSC established on 1st March 1979

4th Apr

  • Bhutto was hanged in the Rawalpindi jail

1st Sep

  • Pakistan joined NAM in Havana. The first Conferences of NAM was held at Belgrade in 1961 and Pakistan joined the NAM in in the year 1979 at Havana.

15th Oct

  • Dr Abdus Salam awarded nobel prize in Physics (Interaction of Elementary Particles and weak forces)

16th Oct

  • Zia ul Haq delayed elections indefinitely, dissolved political parties, imposed press censorship, launched Islamization


  • Pakistan left CENTO and joined NAM


10th May

  • Pakistan boycotted Moscow Olympics

26th May

  • Federal Shariat Court was established. Salahuddin Ahmad is the first Chief Justice of Federal Shariat Court (total 8 judges)

20th June

  • Zakat ordinance was enforced and government started collected zakat


  • US pledged military assistance to Pakistan after Soviet intervention


1st Jan

  • Interest free banking was introduced

3rd Jan

  • IIUI (Int. Islamic University) founded

1st Mar

  • 3rd census starts

31st Aug

  • PSM (Pak Steel Mills) started functioning


  • President Zia-ul-Haq enforced an interim constitution
  • In December 1981, Zia ul Haq announced Majlis-e-Shoora with 350 members.


3rd Jan

  • Pakistan won Hockey World Cup by defeating Germany in Bombay

11th Jan

  • Shura (Federal Council) inaugurated

8th Apr

  • Jahangir Khan won British Open Championship of Squash

21st Dec

  • Hafeez Jalandhari who wrote national anthem died


  • National Institute of Oceanlogy established in 1982 in Karachi


15th Jan

  • Pakistan got its First 3 F-16 jets from the US

25th Jan/Feb

  • Wifaqi Mohtasib was established, with Justice Sardar M Iqbal as Pakistan’s first Federal Ombudsman (Wifaqi Mohtasib) for years

11th Mar

  • Secret nuclear tests, Kirana-I, conducted in Sargodha

28th Mar

  • Govt lifts censorship of newspapers

29th Mar

  • Satellite Earth Station’s foundation stone laid down near Rawalpindi


9th Feb

  • Govt banned all student unions

18th Mar

  • MQM was founded by Altaf Hussain

27th Apr

  • Ahmadis banned to use Islamic nomenclature

20th Nov

  • Faiz Ahmad Faiz died

19th Dec

  • Zia holds presidential/ islamization referendum


  • Operation Meghdoot
  • Assassination of Indian PM Indira Gandhi


25th Feb

  • Non-party elections held in Pakistan

2nd Mar

  • 8th Amendment Ord

23rd March

  • Muhammad Khan Junejo became 10th Prime Minister of Pakistan, while Zia ul Haq became President

15th April

  • Death of Muhajir student Bushra Zaidi in traffic accident led to series of riots in Karachi

16th Oct

  • NA adopted 8th amendment bill

8th Dec

  • SAARC was formed in Dhaka (no political issues to be discussed)

31st Dec

  • Martial Law was lifted and the 1973 Constitution resumed


  • Muhammad Khan Junejo took oath as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Five point program of Junejo i.e. basic education, health, accountability, rural development and good governance
  • The system of ‘Separate Electorate’ was first introduced in Pakistan


10th Apr

  • Benazir Bhutto returned to Pakistan after exile

8th July

  • Dry Port at Peshawar was inaugurated

5th Sep

  • Pan Am flight hijacked (Neerja Bhanot killed)

15th Sep

  • Nuclear cooperation pact with China was made on 15th September 1986.


21st Oct

  • Jan Sher Khan won World Squash Open

18th Dec

  • Benazir Bhutto married Asif Zardari


  • Zia ul Haq made surprise visit to India and met Rajiv Gandhi
  • Cricket Diplomacy


10th Apr

  • Ojhri Camp tragedy at Rawalpindi (100+ people killed)

14th Apr

  • Geneva Pact was signed between Pakistan and Afghanistan

20th Apr

  • Jahangir Khan won 7th Squash championship in row

29th May

  • Zia ul Haq dissolved Junejo government and National Assembly

15th June

  • Zia ul Haq made Sharia law the supreme law of Pakistan by Shariat Ordinance

17th Aug

  • Zia ul Haq killed in plane crash, somewhere near Bahawalpur, along with US ambassador Arnold Raphael

6th Oct

  • 8th Political parties joined to form IJI (Islami Jamhoori Ittehad)

16th Nov

  • PPP won the general election of 1988 and IJI lost

2nd Dec

  • Benzair Bhutto became first Pakistan first female Prime Minister.


  • Ghulam Ishaq Khan took over as acting president


19th Jan

  • Student unions were restored

1st Oct

  • Pakistan rejoined Commonwealth

1st Nov

  • No confidence motion against PM Benazir Bhutto failed

1st Dec

  • First woman bank: December  (Nusrat Bhutto-karachi)


5th Feb

  • Kashmir Solidarity Day was observed for first time in Pakistan

16th July

  • First satellite of Pakistan (name Badr-I) launched from China. It’s one of robotic telecommunication and low Earth observatory satellites

6th Aug

  • Benazir Bhutto’s govt and National Assembly was dissolved by President Ghulam Ishaq. (Ghulaam Mustafa Jatoi became the care-taker PM)

23rd Sep

  • Sandak gold project was signed between China and Paksitan

13th Oct

  • Qisas and Diyat ordinance enforced in Pakistan

6th Nov

  • Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister for the first time, after IJI defeated PDA in 1990 general elections

12th Dec

  • Pakistan became the 37th nation to send an expedition to the Antarctica


15th Jan

  • Pakistan’s first expedition land on Antarctica

25th Apr

  • Jahangir Khan created history after he won British Squash Open championship for 10th consecutive time

17th July

  • Pakistan first tank (name Al-Khalid tank) was manufactured by China and Pakistan


  • Islamic Shariah law added into legal code
  • Nawaz Sharif began economic liberalization/ privatization program
  • Pressler Amendment
  • Water accord between provinces
  • National institute of silicon technology was established in 1991


12th Jan

  • M2 motorway project between Lahore to Islamabad launched

25th Mar

  • Pakistan won Cricket World Cup for the first time when it defeated England in Melbourne stadium, Australia by 22 runs

7th Sep

  • Floods in India and Pakistan due to 5-day heavy monsoon rain


  • Yellow cab scheme was introduced by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
  • Alam Channa made Guinness Book record as tallest man of world
  • Military operation against MQM was started
  • Baitul Maal established in 1992.


18th Apr

  • Nawaz Sharif government and National Assembly was dissolved by Ghulam Ishaaq Khan (Balkh Sher Mazaari became the care-take PM).

26th May

  • SC reinstated Nawaz Sharif government as well as National Assembly

18th July

  • Both Nawaz Sharif and Ghulam Ishaaq Khan resigned to avert crisis, dissolving National and Provincial assemblies


  • Benazir elected PM after PPP defeated PML (N) in 1993 general elections.
  • Farooq Leghari became the 8th President of Pakistan


15th Jan

  • PTV started satellite transmission to 38 countries

26th Dec

  • Parveen Shakir died in road accident


  • First woman police station was inaugurated by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto


25th Apr

  • GM Syed (Ghulam Murtaza Syed) who presented Pakistan resolution in Sindh Assembly of India in 1943 died in Karachi


17th Mar

  • First day-night international one-day cricket match in Pak

25th Apr

  • PTI (Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf) was founded by Imran Khan

20th Sep

  • Mir Murtaza Bhutto killed in Karachi

5th Nov

  • Benazir Bhutto second government dissolved again with parliament by President Farooq Laghari (Malik Mairaj Khaalid became the acting PM). SC upheld the dissolution of NA and dismissal of Benzir’s government next year


16th Aug

  • Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, famed Pakistani qawal, died at age of just 49


  • Nawaz Sharif elected again as 14th Prime Minister of Pakistan. He started “Qarz utaaro Mulk sanwaaro” campaign. He also converted Friday into a half day and declared Sunday to be the week holiday
  • 13th & 14th amendment
  • Saeed Anwar made world record 194 runs/ scores against India


6th Apr

  • Pakistan test fired Ghauri missile

28th May

  • Pakistan conducted five nuclear explosions at Chaghi district of Bauchistan on 28th May 1998 (Youm e Takbeer) and sixth nuclear explosion on 30th May 1998


  • Rafiq Tarrar became 9th President of Pakistan
  • Fifth population census was conducted in Pakistan
  • UNSC denied the status of nuclear power to India and Pakistan


21st Feb

  • Lahore Declaration was signed between Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Indian Prime Minister Attul Vajpayee
    • Delhi-Lahore bus service,
    • Attul Vajpayee visited Minar-e-Pakistan,
    • Nuclear agreements (under which both countries started exchanging the lists of nuclear arms. Also to avoid unauthorized and accidental use of nuclear weapons’. It also stipulated to avoid nuclear race, as well as both non-conventional and non-conventional conflicts)

15th Apr

  • Pakistan conducted test of Shaheen missile – a short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile

3rd May

  • Kargil War (1000 killed)

12th Oct

  • Army deposed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and General Pervez Musharraf became chief executive. Nawaz Sharif was placed under house arrest.

17th Oct

  • National Security Council was formed by federal government by presidential order


  • Benazir Bhutto and her husband convicted of corruption, issued jail sentences
  • Pakistan left Commonwealth


16th Feb

  • National database registration authority (NADRA) was set up

14th Aug

  • Local Government Ordinance (LGO) was introduced by President Parvez Musharraf


  • SC validated Musharaff coup and granted Parvez Musharaff legislative and executive authority for 3 years
  • Nawaz Sharif was sentenced to imprisonment for life on terrorism and hijacking charges, sent into exile with family in Saudi Arabia
  • Pakistan manufactured a modern tank liaison with China by name of Al-Khalid on 23rd March 2000
  • World’s first and biggest Defence Exhibition ‘Ideas 2000’ held at Expo centre Karachi
  • Famous singer and artist Madam Noor Jahan died in Karachi


15th July

  • Agra summit was started between Atul Vajpayee and Parvez Musharaff (Musharaff gave 4 point formula for Kashmir)

21st June

  • Musharraf named himself president and remained head of the army/ Chief of Army Staff as well (he later dissolved National Assembly and provisional assemblies)

14th Aug

  • New Local Govt system enforced/ inaugrated and elections held

16th Sep

  • US Sec of State Colin Powell revealed that Parvez Musharaff has agreed to help the US in War on Terror


  • Bush assured Parvez Musharraf of US $1bn aid
  • Indian Parliament attack
  • India Pakistan standoff (2001-02)
  • The second nuclear power plant of Pakistan in Chashma by the help of China


5th Jan

  • 11th SAARC summit in Kathmandu, Musharraf walked up to Vajpayee and extended handshake

30th Apr

  • President Musharraf won five-year term in referendum vote


  • Wall Street reporter named Daniel Pearl was killed by terrorists in Karachi
  • President Musharraf issued LFO (Legal Framework Order)
  • General elections held
  • Mir Zafarullah Khan Jamali became 14th Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Total number of seats of NA reserved for women in the October 2002 election to 60 seats.



  • Bush announced 5-year $3 billion US aid package to Pakistan
  • Pakistan was declared as great ally of Non NATO in 2003
  • Delhi-Lahore bus service was resumed after 18 months suspension
  • President Musharraf survived assassination attempt at him in Rawalpindi
  • 17th amendment – power to fire the prime minister and dissolve the legislature and requirement for all candidates to have university degrees



  • President Musharraf won vote of confidence that would keep him as president until 2007
  • Musharraf and Vajpayee meet in Islamabad to discuss Kashmir dispute
  • Pakistan readmitted in Commonwealth
  • PM Zafarullah Jamali resigned, Chaudhury Shujaat Hussain became 15th Prime Minister as interim successor for 2 months
  • Shaukat Aziz became 16th Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • National security council established constitutionally on 19th April 2004. It institutionalized military’s role in government
  • First drone attack in Pakistan
  • Shakai peace pact with Taliban


8th Oct

  • Deadly earthquake in NWFP and Kashmir killed 80,000


  • NWFP provincial assembly passed Hasba bill (that was later killed by SC)
  • Govt launched crackdown on terrorism/ extremism
  • Bus service between Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir and Indian-controlled Srinagar in Kashmir resumed after a 60-year halt
  • First nuclear ICBM tested


15th Nov

  • Women Protection Bill was passed on 15 Nov 2006 to amend the heavily criticised 1979 Hudood Ordinance laws


  • Shamshad Akhtar became woman Governor of SBP (State Bank of Pakistan)
  • Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif signed Charter of Democracy in London
  • Diamer Bhahsha dam foundation stone was laid by Pervez Musharraf
  • Ahmed Nadeem Qasmi died in Lahore
  • Akbar Bugti killed/ died



  • CJP (Chief Justice of Pakistan) Iftikhar Chaudhry was dismissed by President Musharaff
  • Iftikhar Chaudhry re-instated CJP by Supreme Court after protests
  • Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif returned from exile
  • NA dissolved after completion of tenure and caretaker govt of M Mian Soomro as acting Prime Minister
  • Musharaff retired from army, won presidential election but was challenged by SC. He declared emergency on 3rd November, dismissed CJP, appointed new SC which confirmed Musharaff’s re-election. PCO.
  • Parvez Musharaff lifted emergency from Pakistan on 16th December, suspended constitution and civil rights restored
  • Benazir Bhutto was killed on 27th Dec 2007 in Rawalpindi
  • National Reconcilliation Order
  • Bomb blasts and fire on Samjhota Express traveling between New Delhi and Lahore killed 68 passengers
  • Red mosque epsiode after a week-long seige



  • Yusuf Raza Gilani became 18th Prime Minister of Pakistan
  • Parvez Musharaff resigned as President, facing impeachment (M Mian Soomro became acting President)
  • Asif Zardari became 11th President of Pakistan
  • Mumbai attacks – after it, Kashmir’s legitimized struggle became illegitimate


9th Mar

  • Sri Lankan cricket team attacked by militants near Lahore’s Gaddafi stadium. Pakistan lost its status to hosts the 2011 cricket World Cup and all international cricket matches suspended in Pakistan

29th Aug

  • Gilgit-Baltistan (empowerment and Self-Governance) Order, 2009 was approved

30th Dec

  • 7th NFC award was signed by prime minister and other chief ministers of all provinces


  • Taliban made Swat their sanctuary
  • SC declared NRO illegal. 17 Member bench of SC has declared NRO null & void and unconstitutional all cases withdrawn under NRO reopen with immediate effect
  • Government yielded to demands to reinstate judges dismissed by former President Musharraf
  • Government agreed to implement Sharia law in northwestern Swat Valley “Malakand Agency”
  • Operation Rah e Raast launched by Pakistan army to clear Swat valley from Taliban
  • Pakistan qualified for the Golf World Cup for the first time in 2009.
  • Kerry-Lugar Bill (Enhanced Partnership with Pakistan Act) of 2009. Under it, the US was to provide Pakistan $1.5 billion annually for 5 years, $7.5 billion in total


10th Apr

  • 18th amendment


  • Flooding due to monsoon rains killed 1600 people (Angelina Jolie visited flood-hit areas in Pakistan)


  • US Sec of State Hilary Clinton announced $2bn US military aid package to Pakistan
  • MQM’s Imran Farooq murdered in London


4th Jan

  • Governor Punjab Salman Taseer shot

27th Jan

  • US diplomat Raymond Davis killed 2 men allegedly for his self defense in Lahore, and a companion crushed another in hit and run

2nd May

  • Usama Bin Laden killed by US Navy seals in Abbotabad


  • Moin Akhtar died in Karachi
  • Peak of target killing in Karachi
  • Memo gate controversy (also Mullen memo controversy)


9th Oct

  • Malala, 14, shot

11th Sep

  • 289 people killed in Karachi Baldia Factory fire and 25 in a shoe factory in Lahore


  • Sharmeen Ubain Chinoy became first Pakistani to win Oscar at 84th awards for “Saving Face”
  • Gilani disqualified by SC (found guilty in contempt case, Supreme Court disqualified him after he refused to reopen corruption cases again President Zaradri and other politicians) and Raja Parvez Ashraf became 19th PM of pakistan



  • Prof Sibte Hassan Jaffar killed
  • Mir Hazar K Khoso became caretaker PM for 2013 General Elections, Nawaz Sharif became 20th PM of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain became 12th President
  • Hakimullah Mehsud of TTP killed by US drone
  • SC ordered arrest of PM Ashraf for rental power case corruption
  • Former President Musharraf was arrested on charges for unlawful detention of judges in 2007 after he returned from self-imposed 4 year exile


9th Jan

  • Aitzaz Hassan, 14, in Hangus stopped suicide bomber

15th June

  • Operation Zarb e Azb was started

16th Dec

  • APS attack by 7 gunmen, 141 killed, 132 children


  • Musharraf charged with high treason for 2007 emergency
  • Malala won nobel peace
  • PTI-PAT dharna at D-chowk


19th May

  • Zimbabwe cricket team first to tour Pakistan after Sri Lankan team attacked in 2009



  • Musharaff acquitted of Akbar Bugti’s murder
  • 1st PSL on 4th Feb
  • Amjad Sabri killed in target attack
  • PIA plane crashed, killing Junaid Jamshed
  • Uri attack
  • Operation Radd ul Fasad
  • Panama Papers: The Panama-based law firm, Mossack Fonseca’s 11 million documents were leaked in April 2016, exposing prominent world leaders and businessmen who owned offshore companies. The Sharif family was found wanting after the Supreme Court had ordered a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe the matter in its verdict.


18th June

  • Pakistan won 2017 ICC Champion Trophy after it defeated India

28th July

  • Nawaz Sharif disqualified for life by a unanimous SC vote over Panama Papers


  • 6th census
  • Shahid Khaqan Abbasi became 21st PM of Pak
  • India boycotted 19th Saarc summit, which eventually got cancelled
  • Tehkreek-e-Labbaik rally from Lahore to Islamabad to protest against the amendments in Kahtam-e-Nabbuwat clauses of the constitution. The sit-in at Faizabad ended after 22 days


8th Mar

  • First Aurat March in Karachi


  • 25th amendment (31st amendment to the constitution of Pak) merged FATA with KP

25th July

  • 2018 elections


  • Nawaz Sharif, Maryam, and Safdar sentenced to prison for 10, 7, 1 years
  • Imran Khan became the 22nd PM of Pak
  • $6bn aid from KSA ($3bn balance of payments, $3bn in deffered oil payments)


19th Jan

  • Sahiwal incident

27th Feb

  • 6 airstrikes at Indian J&K (Operation Swift Retort) to retaliate IAF’s airstrike on Balakot a day before on 26th February

11th Dec

  • Punjab Inst of Cardiology attack


  • Pulwama, Abhinandan’s episode, revocation of Article 370, 35(A), CAA, NRC
  • $6.2bn aid from UAE ($3bn balance of payments, $3.2bn in deffered oil payments)
  • SC gave death sentence to Musharaff



  • Locust infestation and declaration of national emergency to protect crops
  • Quetta bombing in February 2020
  • Elephant Kaavan released from Islamabad Zoo.
  • PIA Flight 8303 crashed in Karachi killing 97/ 99 people on board
  • Pakistan Stock Exchange attack
  • Nigar Johar became the first female lieutenant general of Pakistan Army’s



  • Usama Satti, 23, shot in his car by ICT Police
  • A massive blackout on 9th January in 90 percent of the country
  • Quetta Serena Hotel bombing on 21st April
  • Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan protests in October
  • Lynching of Priyantha Kumara on 3rd December


8th Jan

  • Murree snowstorm causes death of 23 tourists

20th Jan

  • Lahore bombing at Anarkali bazar

27th Jan

  • 2022 PSL starts

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