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List of Top 10 Travel Agencies & Tour Operators in Pakistan

If you’re looking for the best travel agencies or tour operators in Pakistan, here’s a list of the top 10 travelling companies and agents in Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Peshawar, and Karachi, who are famous for both domestic and international tourism, along with their contact, address, and online website, so that you can pick the most suitable agency/ consultant for you.

We will be covering the top 10 travel and tour agencies in Pakistan in detail, bifurcating them further into the major cities of Pakistan for your convenience. So, let’s explore all of them.

Top Travel Agencies and Tourism Companies in Islamabad

Islamabad has the honor of being a rendezvous point for many tourists in Pakistan. If you want to explore the northern areas or head to Kashmir, the tourists always keep Islamabad in their itinerary. Also, the Islamabadians themselves are quite profoundly invested in tourism. 

So if you’re in Islamabad and are inclined to explore more of Pakistan or go beyond the borders, we have hand-picked some of the best travel agencies and tourism companies in Islamabad for you, starting with:

1. Rehman Travel | Best International Travel Agency in Islamabad

Rehman Travel is, according to many users, the best tour agency and travel agent in Pakistan for both individuals and businesses to satisfy their domestic and international travel demands.

They offer a comprehensive range of travel and tourism services, while their gulf-centric packages make them stand out from the competition. Their services include;

  • An air ticket facility. You can also request flight reports, queries, bookings, departures, and deliveries of items, as well as air travel.
  • You can also choose your hotels at any time, whether domestic or international, ranging from 3-star to 5-star hotels in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Visa help, insurance policies, and other information can be obtained upon request.
  • Tour packages spanning from domestic to international travels.
  • On-demand car rentals are also available.

Check out their website or Facebook page so as to learn more about their services.

2. Baydaar Experiences | Best Domestic Tour Operator in Islamabad

Baydaar Experiences is an online travel agency hailing from Islamabad and is widely known for its sumptuous domestic tour services.

Due to its customer-centric services, the agency has quickly become the first choice of travelers as its safe to say that its the best online travel agency in Pakistan.

From transportation to immaculate accommodation, and free meals offered at various occasions, Baydaar has a lot more to offer to you when it comes to its flawless services.

Check their website  or Facebook page so as to learn more about their services.

3. Bestways Travels | Top Tourism Company in Islamabad

When it comes to searching for the top travel agencies and tour agents in Pakistan, Bestways Travels is one of Islamabad’s oldest and most well-known travel agencies.

It is an IATA-certified travel agency with over 30 years of experience. Additionally, it has received over 50 accolades from various authorized organizations and airlines.

The agency offers a variety of programmes, including both local trips as well as worldwide tours.

So, whether it’s a trip with your family members, a honeymoon with your other half, going with prolific friends, or for any other purpose, Bestway Travels is the best travel agency in Islamabad for you. 

Among the most common services provided by the agency are:

  • Competitive prices
  • Customer service that is really responsive
  • Tours and activities chosen with care
  • Highest-rated Pakistani tour operator
  • Airline ticket purchase
  • Processing of visas
  • Top notch and cost effective tour packages
  • Packages for Umrah and Hajj, and
  • Insurance for travel

Find more information at their Facebook page.

Best Tour and Travel Agency In Rawalpindi

The Pindiwaals do not need to resort to the agencies in Islamabad as they have plenty of options in their own city like Pakistan Tour and Travel. 

4. Pakistan Tour and Travel | Best Tourism Company in Rawalpindi

Pakistan tour and travel is widely known for its domestic traveling packages across Rawalpindi as well as its nearest territories.

Be it any tourist destination you want to visit in Pakistan, Pakistan Tour and Travel can be your go to agency. Also, they have customized packages for foreigners suiting their needs.

Along with the tourist friendly accommodations, transportation, and price rates, they also have car rental services as well to make your journey memorable.

You can find more information on their travel agency website online or Facebook page.

Top Travel Agencies and Tour Operators in Lahore

The travel enthusiasts in Lahore are always up for anything that entertains them to the core, and traveling stays on top of their entertainment list.

Of course, with the surging attention of the local population towards tourism, the travel agencies have also spiked in numbers. Here are the top travel agencies for you if you’re in Lahore.

5. Ghoomo Phiroo | Top Domestic Tour Operator in Lahore

Ghoomo Phiroo is all about letting the tourists experience the beauty of discovering the efflorescing nature of northern Pakistan. This tour agency has been known for hosting and accommodating foreign tourist groups in their trips to north Pakistan, representing the true hospitality that Pakistan advocates about.

Their services include; 

  • Leisure trips
  • Corporate tours
  • Honeymoon tours
  • Educational tours, and
  • Customized trips tailored to your needs

You can also pre-book and make the payment later as well. Due to this, the popularity of Ghoomo Phiroo has made it one of the best travel agency websites in Pakistan.

Check out their online website to or Facebook page so as to learn more about them.

6. Machtless Travels | Best International Tourism Agency in Lahore

Matchless Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd. claims to be the best travel agency and tour operator in Lahore or more accurately, the best international travel agency in Pakistan.

This tour agency provides a lot of top-notch traveling solutions for its customers. However, its unique selling point is the customized packages for corporate traveling services. 

Matchless renders its services in; 

  • Corporate travel packages 
  • Low-cost air tickets
  • Leisure and transportation assistance
  • Hotel booking reservations 
  • Organized tours 
  • Comprehensive Exclusive Travel Insurance
  • Complimentary cruises, coach tours, car rentals, and leisure products/services
  • Exciting safaris, and 
  • Illuminating Hajj and Umrah packages. 

Matchless Tours & Travels (Pvt) Ltd is also the Global Alliance Partner for EGENCIA in Pakistan, an Expedia, Inc. Companies corporate travel arm.

Egencia produces as well as maintains programmes geared to meet the aims of organizations for their employees’ travel requirements, backed by global market expertise.

Take a look at their online travel agency website so as to know more about their business services. 

7. Bliss Travels | Best Domestic Tour Agency in Lahore

Bliss Travels is known to be the best travel agency in Lahore. The agency has a committed staff of highly skilled and experienced professionals to assist their valued clients in achieving their goals and desired vacations across Pakistan and all over the world too.

Their services include;

  • Accommodation across Pakistan and globally in any hotel
  • Visa consultancy
  • Air tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Adventure packages
  • Ground transportation, and
  • Special vacation packages customized to customer’s needs

Bliss Travels provides all this and more at amazingly cost effective packages.

The accessibility as well as the convenience Bliss Travels provides its customers is what has made them one of the best travel and flight agency in Lahore.

Check out their website online or Facebook page so as to learn more about their business services.

Best Travel and Tour Agency In Karachi

The traveling culture has recently been thriving among the Karachiites and of course, being the financial hub and the largest city of Pakistan from every aspect, there is a tremendous directory of travel agents and tour operators in the Port City. 

So, let’s now move to one of the best travel agencies and tour operators in Karachi.

8. Hike Whiz Travels and Tours | Best Tourism Agency in Karachi

HikeWhiz Travel & Tours is a fast-growing travel agency business offering high-quality Pakistan tour as well as international tour packages.

Their services are primarily known for

  • Domestic tours 
  • International tours
  • Customized Hajj and Umrah packages
  • Air ticketing
  • Visa Consultancy
  • Corporate Traveling
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Car Rentals and more.

What makes Hike Whiz stand out from its competition is its cost effective plans for tourists with the best quality services exceeding customers’ expectations.

Check out their travel agency website or Facebook Page online so as to learn more about their business services. 

Best Tour and Travel Agency In Multan

The city of mystics also has a lot of travel and tour operators working to provide the best services to their customers. And on top of all of them, is Brolla Travel and Tours. 

9. Brolla Travel and Tours | Best Tourism/ Travel Company in Multan

Brolla Travel & Tours provides specialized pre-planned services. The bespoke tours as well as holiday packages based on the needs of the customers are what makes Brolla Travel and Tours the major travel agency in Multan.

Along with the domestic traveling and tourism services, Brolla has a stronghold when it comes to the travel packages in Gulf, South and East Asia as well as Europe.

Visit their online travel agency website  so as to know more about their business services.

Best Travel and Tour Agency In Peshawar

The capital of KPK is quite near to the northern areas of Pakistan, and that’s why it’s very easy to plan your visit through this city. The residents of Peshawar are also quite outgoing, so we have chosen the best travel agency for them in town – Ababeel Travels.

10. Ababeel Travels | Best Tourism/ Travel Agency in Peshawar

Ababeel Travels has been highly recommended by the customers due to their amazing services in terms of air ticketing to Gulf and other countries as well as the domestic air travel services.

So, if you’re from Peshawar and planning a trip to the travel destinations in Pakistan or the Gulf, Ababeel Travels can be a good choice for you.

Visit their online travel agency website so as to know more about their business services!

Grab Your Gear and Start Traveling

Pakistan has see a hike in tourism the last few years.

For instance, in 2018, it was reported that a whopping 6.6 million tourists visited multiple famous tourist destinations in Pakistan. And with the increasing number of tourists pouring in everyday, the travel agency business is also booming. 

List of Top 10 Travel Agencies & Tour Operators in Pakistan (Islamabad, Lahore, Rawalpindi, Karachi)
Photo Credit: Wild Frontiers

Nobody prefers ill-managed traveling experiences. And that was why we gathered the list of best travel companies, top travel consultants and tour operators in Pakistan, just so to make your traveling experience worthwhile.

If you want some other suggestions then you can simply type ‘travel agency near me’ or the ‘nearest travel agency’ to get results accordingly. We hope it was an informative read for you. 

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