Thursday, June 1, 2023

Swedish Prisoners ‘Kidnap’ Prison Guards for Pizza

Two guards in a Swedish prison were held hostage for ‘pizza’ for nine hours on Wednesday and were freed when they were ransomed, told a spokeswoman of the penitentiary.

Prison spokeswoman Stina Lyles said neither guard “was hurt and were able to return to their family”.

The convicts, both serving time for murder at the Hallby high-security prison near the city of Eskilstuna were able to forcefully make way into an area reserved specifically for guards at about 12:30 pm (1030 GMT), affirmed prison official Torkel Omnell.

Once there, they captivated the two guards who were present in the area at the time.

Omnell further stated that the police were called and “we quickly sent in a mediator.”

According to Swedish media reports, the captors made two demands – an escape helicopter and 20 pizzas for other inmates of the prison.

“Yes, the pizza were delivered,” jail spokeswoman Lyles confirmed.

The two convicts were later taken into custody for questioning for “kidnapping,” said the police.

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