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Here’s Why Pakistanis Love Chai (Tea) A Little Too Much

Pakistanis have an immense love for tea – it goes with their every mood. Whether we are feeling tired or happy, tea is a must-have for us! From Karachi to Kashmir, wherever you go, you will find tea lovers everywhere.

There are many reasons why we Pakistanis love chai so much. We have mentioned some of them below.

Chai goes with every mood

If you are feeling Monday blues, tea can keep you up. f some random guests show up unexpectedly and you don’t know how to entertain them, you can always count on it. Even if you’re feeling sick,  tea can provide relief. 

In a nutshell, tea is the solution to every problem.

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A must-have drug

From meaningless conversations at the roadside to important broad meetings in offices, tea is a must-have in all of them. We love tea so much that most of us even have incorporated it into our diet plans to lose weight.

Socially acceptable drug

None of us can even think of starting our day without having a cup of tea. In addition to it, evening tea is also important. It is the time when all the family members sit together and talk about their day along with the tea.

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Chai is a symbol of hospitality

Tea acts as a glue that helps create and maintain more relationships. It is considered to be suitable for every occasion. People visit their relatives in the evening where they have a cup of tea together.

Chai is an economical beverage

Chai is something everyone can afford. From labourers to elite, tea is enjoyed by everyone. It does not matter from which city you belong, you will love chai.

Variety of Chai

Even though everyone loves tea, there are different methods and tastes of it. Some people like it strong, while others like light tea with a lot of milk. Some people do not like milk in tea at all. They prefer black tea (also known as kehwa).

Chai gives peace

People are so addicted to chai that they get a headache if they do not have a cup of tea. Some people even take 5 cups of tea a day. Whether you need a break or some time to think, a cup of tea makes your brain function more efficiently.

Photo Credits: Pakistan Forward

Small business

Keeping in view the love for chai, some people have opted for it as their business. They have set up small places where they serve every kind of tea and make a good living out of it.

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