Thursday, June 1, 2023

NBA Star Kyrie Irving Brings Water To Children In Thar

NBA star Kyrie Irving has collaborated with Pakistani NGO Paani Project to build a solar water center in Thar, an area facing water shortage issues due to drought for the past 17 years.

Besides building a facility that provides clean water for over 1000 villagers in Rohal, Irving’s organization is also helping with other solar-powered necessities, such as electricity for lighting and fans in schools and mosques of the region.

Moreover, they are also providing small farms to help locals battle the food crisis.

A tweet by the Paani Project stated: “This center is providing OVER 1000 villagers access to clean healthy water, facilitating farming for families, and providing light to women and children.”

22-year-old Pakistani-American Sonny Khan, a University of Michigan graduate and founder of the Paani Project, approached Irvin’s organization after he saw his philanthropic work while scrolling online.

Picture Credit: Paani Project

Sunny was surprised at the amount of work Irvin had done for low-income communities.

The Pakistani-American contacted the charity and told them about the Paani project and how his team had raised $1 million without any investment in marketing.

“I reached out to his foundation directly and told them about Paani,” Sonny said.

“How we have $0 in overhead costs,” he continued. “How we give all of our money to the people. How we record everything from start to finish. How we’ve raised over $1 million as volunteers without any money for marketing.

“I think our story of being kids’ who just wanted to help resonated.”

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