Thursday, June 1, 2023

Meesha Shafi Slams Saba Qamar For “Supporting Known Sexual Harassers”

After Saba Qamar posted a statement on Instagram imploring her male followers to quit enabling sexual predators, singer Meesha Shafi has called out her for “supporting and giving space to” known sexual harassers. 

Many women have taken to social media to protest the brutal killing of Noor Mukaddam in hopes of putting an end to the ongoing “femicide” in Pakistan. 

Actor Saba Qamar uploaded a story on Instagram, requesting her followers to “call out men in your circles with predatory behaviour.”

Shafi responded and added an Instagram story, saying: “This is what epic hypocrisy looks like, ladies and gentlemen.” 

After she uploaded the story, a lot of people were curious to know the context. 

Shafi added another story answering their questions, saying: “Partying with, supporting, giving/sharing space, validating, endorsing and doing frivolous Instagram Lives with known sexual harassers and then putting out holier than thou statements about calling out predators is literal hypocrisy.”

Addressing Qamar, Shafi further added that you don’t get to say it [call out sexual predators] without first holding yourself accountable for your own enabling actions and words, defending and supporting predators after survivors have shared their experiences against all odds.

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