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National Days of Pakistan: List of All Public Holidays

Here’s a list of all important national days and public holidays in Pakistan.

List of All National Days & Public Holidays of Pakistan

5th Feb             Kashmir Solidarity Day

23rd Mar         Pakistan Day (Republic/ Pakistan Resolution Day)

22nd Apr         National Book Day

1st May            Labour Day

28th May         Youm e Takbir Day

14th Aug           Independence Day

6th Sep             Defence Day (Youm e Difa) / Army Day

7th Sep             Air Force Day (Youm e Faziaya)

8th Sep            Victory Day/ Navy Day

24th Oct          Azad Kashmir Day (Youm e Tasees)

9th Nov           Iqbal Day

7th Dec            National Voters Day

25th Dec         Quaid Day

Important Religious Days

9th & 10th Muharram            Ashura

12th Rabi ul Awwal                 Eid Milad un-Nabi

9th Dhu al-Hajj                        Hajj Day

10th to 12th Dhu al-Hajj        Eid-ul-Adha    

1st to 3rd Shawwal                   Eid-ul-Fitr       

List of All National Days & Public Holidays of Pakistan



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