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Talha Talib: The Hero We Need, But Don’t Deserve

Twenty-one-year-old weight-lifter from Gujranwala, Talha Talib, made history with his debut in the Tokyo Olympics 2021 in the 67kg category.

Talib held the gold medal spot until the last round. His snatch category – 151kg lift – was the second-best of the round.

The 21-year-old failed in his first attempt of 166 kg in the Clean and Jerk category but was successful in the second attempt.

Talib even cleared 170 kilograms later, but his total of 320 was surpassed by others. In the end, he bumped down to fifth place as China’s Lijun Chen, Colombia’s Luis J.M Lozano, and Italy’s Mirko Zani acquired gold, silver, and bronze respectively.

Nonetheless, Talib’s performance – considering the lack of resources and facilities he faced throughout his career – makes him the hero we need, but don’t deserve.

The Pakistani cricket team all-rounder Shadab Khan praised Talib’s performance, saying:

TV anchor Gharidah Farooqi also congratulated Talib on his achievement:

Talha Talib has previously clinched medals in Commonwealth (bronze), South Asian Games (gold), and International Solidarity Weightlifting Championship (gold), according to Pakistan Olympic Association.

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