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Best HUM TV Dramas of 2021 With Interesting Plot Twists

The 2021 has been the best year for all HUM TV drama lovers, as the channel released a long list of amazing new dramas with great stories and thrilling plot twists. Today, we’ll count down our 5 top picks for HUM TV best dramas of 2021. So, let’s start!

Raqs e Bismil –  5th Best HUM TV Drama of 2021

Raqs-e-Bismil - best hum tv dramas 2021 list

  • Written by: Hashim Nadeem
  • Directed by: Wajahat Rauf
  • OST by: Vicky Akbar

Raqs e Bismil Drama Cast

  • Imran Ashraf (Moosa)
  • Momin Saqib (Essa)
  • Sarah Khan (Zohra)
  • Anoushay Abbasi (Sakina)

Raqs e Bismil Drama Story/ Plot

Raqs e Bismil is one of the most popular HUM TV dramas of 2021. It was a massive success right from its first few episodes, thanks to a stunning performance by Imran Ashraf who plays the protagonist Moosa – a powerful man with double standards.

Moosa forcefully stops his sister’s (Sakina) secret wedding after she elopes with someone. Sakina curses Moosa to fall in love with someone that he cannot get.

And that’s exactly what happens soon after.

Moosa, who’s an extremely religious person, falls in love with a girl named Zohra, who was fully covered in hijab and even gloves. However, the story gets interesting when Moosa comes to know that Zohra is, in reality, an escort.

The thrilling plot twists in the story makes Raqs e Bismil makes it counted among the HUM TV best dramas of 2021.

Mushk – 4th Best HUM TV Drama of 2021

Mushk - best hum tv dramas 2021 list

  • Written by: Imran Ashraf
  • Directed by: Aehsun Talish
  • OST by: by Ali Zafar

Mushk Drama Cast

  • Imran Ashraf (Adam)
  • Momal Sheikh (Mehak)
  • Osama Tahir (Shayan)
  • Urwa Hocane (Guddi)

Mushk Drama Story/ Plot

No list of HUM TV best dramas of 2021 can be complete without Mushk. Written by Imran Ashraf himself, this drama has a thrilling story, with each episode leaving us all hyped up.

The story starts when Mehek returns from abroad with an infant baby born out of her secret marriage with Shayan.

With no idea of how to reveal this huge truth to her conservative father, Mehek hires Guddi, a thief and con woman, to pretend to be the mother of Mehek’s baby. Things get out of hand when Mehek’s aunt becomes doubtful of Guddi and vows to find out her secret.

With many plot twists and thrilling moments, this new HUM TV drama of 2021 is worth watching!

Raqeeb Se – Our 3rd Pick for Top HUM TV Dramas of 2021

Raqeeb Se - Wikipedia

  • Written by: Bee Gul
  • Directed by: Kashif Nisar
  • OST by: by Hadeeqa Kiani

Raqeeb Se Drama Cast

  • Nauman Ijaz (Maqsood)
  • Hadeeqa Kiani (Sakina)
  • Sania Saeed (Hajra)
  • Faryal Mehmood (Insha)
  • Iqra Aziz (Ameera)

Raqeeb Se Drama Plot/ Story

Raqeeb Se is a HUM TV masterpiece, with an absolutely new story, far from the usual stereotypical plots. And that’s why we believe it deserves to be in any list of best HUM TV dramas in 2021.

The story revolves around two lovers Sakina and Maqsood who got separated 20 years ago, due to unfortunate circumstances.

Sakina is forcefully married to an abusive man. However, things get escalated when Sakina decides to leave her abusive husband for the sake of her daughter Ameera and shows up at Maqsood’s house to seek shelter.

Maqsood’s wife Hajra is surprisingly kind towards Sakina – but her problems are not ended! The story, particularly, the last episode is full of twists that make a great HUM TV drama today!

Parizaad – Our 2nd Pick for HUM TV Dramas 2021 List

Parizaad: Best hum tv dramas list of 2021

  • Written by: Hashim Nadeem
  • Directed by: Shahzad Kashmiri
  • OST by: Syed Asrar Shah

Parizaad Drama Cast

  • Nauman Ijaz (Maqsood)
  • Ahmed Ali Akbar (Parizaad)
  • Mashal Khan (Mahpara Begum)
  • Ushna Shah (Naheed)
  • Yumna Zaidi (RJ Annie)

Parizaad Drama Plot/ Story

A massive blockbuster, Parizaad is definitely one of the best new HUM TV dramas today.

Parizaad, who belongs to an underprivileged family, lacks both good looks and a financial status. He is always mocked for his dark appearance by all and sundry.

Ahmed Ali Akbar has beautifully portrayed Parizaad as he faces rejection over the years and eventually – with a MEGA plot twist – becomes rich. And that’s just a start!

What makes Parizaad worthy of being in the any best HUM TV drama list is the fact that we can all relate to the character of Parizaad in one way or another.

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay – Best HUM TV Drama of 2021

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay - best hum tv dramas of 2021

  • Written by: Umera Ahmad
  • Directed by: Farooq Rind
  • OST by: Yashal Shahid

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Drama Cast

  • Usman Mukhtar (Aswad)
  • Kubra Khan (Mashal)
  • Mahira Khan (Mehreen)
  • Huma Nawab (Saleha)

Hum Kahan Kay Sachay Thay Drama Plot/ Story

Although love triangles have been featured numerous times in HUM TV dramas before, the one in this drama has a new and unique take! HKKST is much more than just a love triangle!

The story follows three cousins Aswad, Mashal, and Mehreen. While both girls love Aswad, he wants to marry Mashal. However, Aswad’s mother forces him to marry Mehreen.

The story turns thrilling in a HUGE plot twist when Mashal is found dead in her room in mysterious circumstances. Was it a suicide or a pre-meditated murder by Mehreen? We’d never know until the very last episode!

Besides a great storyline by Umera Ahmad, the dialogues in HKKST make it one of the best new HUM TV dramas of 2021 – and worthy of being #1 on this list!

Before You Go

So, this was our HUM TV best dramas 2021 list. We hope you like it!

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