Thursday, June 1, 2023

Email Error Costs Spotify Millions Of Dollars As The Company Hits 365m Users

Spotify hasn’t attracted as many new listeners as anticipated, courtesy of an email error. The streaming giant is facing a problem in verifying emails, causing the company to miss out on 1 to 2 million users.

The total number of Spotify listeners increased by 22% to 365 million in the second quarter, less than predicted, according to the music streaming service.

While explaining the slowdown in the growth of listeners, Spotify also blamed Covid-19, saying it has stifled people’s desire to listen to music while on the go since they can’t go far during the lockdown. 

However, the system’s verification of new signups using email addresses linked to an unidentified “global third-party platform” is also equally to blame. 

Spotify chose not to mention the name of the third party but it acknowledged that the problem was caused due to a change made on its own end. 

Spotify has fixed the issue but only after missing out on 1 to 2 million potential users.

On Wednesday, Spotify stated that despite the fact that it didn’t acquire as many new listeners as it had hoped, the ones it already had, are listening for longer periods of time, returning to levels seen before the pandemic. 

The company is working on expanding podcasts on its platform, with the goal of making Spotify the go-to spot for not only listening to music but also hearing talk-style programming.

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