Thursday, June 1, 2023

Young Engineer From UET Peshawar Invents ‘Electric Bike’

Shahyar Khan, a young engineer from UET Peshawar, modified a gasoline-powered bike into an electric bike to help minimize air pollution in his city.

The environmentally friendly e-bike has a modified electrical engine that runs on chargeable batteries. 

The batteries take three hours to charge fully and can cover a distance of 102 kilometers in the duration of one charge. The bike can carry a weight of 250 kilograms.

For one recharge, the batteries consume only one unit of electricity which means the bike can travel 102 kilometers for just Rs.15.

Shahyar, a graduate of UET Peshawar, expressed his wish to transform Peshawar into the ‘city of flowers’ by promoting a clean and healthy environment in the city. 

He further stated that with the aid of the government, he can even modify gasoline/petrol cars into electric cars.

All around the globe, electric cars have become the latest trend to help control the escalating levels of pollution.

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